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Gocompare.com comments on British Gas price freeze

01 December 2016

Ben Wilson, energy expert at Gocompare.com, comments on the news that British Gas is to freeze prices for customers on its standard household energy tariffs until April 2017.

"Any price freeze should be welcomed and it looks now like the big six will largely be holding their prices this winter.  Obviously, things could have been a lot worse if the biggest providers started hiking prices just as the mercury plummets.
"But rather than providing 'peace of mind' for 6 million British Gas customers it should act as a reminder for anyone on the British Gas standard rate that they are already paying too much for their energy. 

"The current best buy energy deals are around £180 a year cheaper than British Gas.*  So, while British Gas currently has the lowest average standard tariff of all the big six, sitting on your provider's default tariff is still the most expensive way to pay for your energy." 


Notes to editors:

* British Gas average standard variable tariff is currently £1,044 a year.  The Places for People Energy 'Together - December 2017 - fixed 39' tariff costs £863 on average.  Source: Gocompare.com/EnergyHelpline.com 28/11/16.