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Almost half of motorists don’t understand their dashboard warning lights

16 November 2016

Gocompare.com has created an interactive guide to help motorists brush up on their driving knowledge.

  • Almost half (48%) of drivers don’t understand their dashboard warning lights
  • 60% have never read their car’s manual
  • Nearly a third (31%) of motorists have no idea whether or not their car has a spare tyre
  • See how people fared when Gocompare.com’s took their Dashboard Warning Lights Quiz to the streets
  • Gocompare.com has created an interactive guide to help drivers better understand their car’s warning lights

New research from Gocompare.com Car Insurance has found a glaring lack of knowledge amongst motorists when it comes to their car, with almost half saying that they were unable to identify their car’s dashboard warning lights.

The study found that the majority (60%) of drivers haven’t read their car’s manual. However, many motorists could do with brushing up on their knowledge, as nearly half (48%) admitted to not knowing how to use all their car’s features. This includes more than a quarter (28%) who don’t know how to use their fog lights, despite the darker and gloomier winter nights creeping in.






I have read the manual to my car



I know how to use all of the controls and features in my car



I understand all of the dashboard display and warning lights on my car



I know how to turn on the fog lights on my car



I know what the service interval is on my car



I know the recommended tyre pressures for my car



I know whether or not my car has any type of spare wheel



I know whether my car is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive



Matt Oliver, car insurance spokesperson at Gocompare.com, said: “Thanks to modern technology, cars are now packed with all sorts of complex electronics and sensors that can help drivers to better understand how their vehicle is behaving.

“But while manufacturers are developing new ways to help cars to talk to their drivers, it seems that their efforts are falling on deaf ears.

“None of us buy a new car to sit down and read the manual, but spending some time familiarising yourself with the various features and warning lights could help to save you money and inconvenience.

“Understanding your car’s warning lights can help you identify issues early, which means avoiding more serious problems in the long run, saving you money on more costly repairs.

“Similarly, should an accident result in your car being written off, your insurer may take your car’s service history into account when calculating its pre-accident value, meaning that a poor service history could leave you out of pocket.”

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Notes to editors:

*Between 18th and 24th May 2016 One Poll conducted an online survey among 2,000 randomly selected British adults.