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£1billion saved in a decade beyond compare

04 November 2016

Gocompare.com celebrates its 10th birthday

  • Gocompare.com celebrates 10th birthday on 6 November
  • Comparison website has saved customers more than £1billion on their insurance alone
  • Since 2006 Gocompare.com has saved customers £3 every second

Gocompare.com is celebrating its 10th birthday this week and has been reflecting on a decade of comparison.

Since it was founded in 2006, the comparison website, perhaps best-known for its iconic opera singer Gio Compario, has empowered customers to take control of their household budgets, saving them money across a range of financial products and changing the way they shop forever.

Over the past 10 years Gocompare.com has saved the UK public more than £1billion on car, home, bike and van insurance alone.

This is the second milestone Gocompare.com is celebrating this week, having listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker: GOCO) on Thursday 3rd November.

A decade of savings

Gocompare.com works with over 650 brands to help customers save money and find the right deal for them on over 40 products from car, life and home insurance to flights, mortgages and broadband**.

Since November 2006, Gocompare.com has saved its insurance customers;

  • A collective saving of more than £1billion, equating to;
  • More than £3 per second;
  • Over £11k per hour;
  • More than £280k per day; and
  • Over £103m per year;

A history of firsts

Gocompare.com was the first comparison website to focus on showing people product features, not just prices. Over the years, Gocompare.com has remained dedicated to being at the forefront of the comparison industry, and has undertaken a number of initiatives to make it easier for customers to find the right deal.

These include:

  • Launching the UK's first and still only midata-powered current account comparison service alongside the Treasury in 2015
  • Being the first comparison website to make use of customer reviews to bring a new level of transparency to insurance comparison
  • Being the first comparison site to Integrate additional policy information from independent financial researcher Defaqto into a range of insurance comparison services.
  • Being the first comparison website to be invited to join the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA)

CEO of Gocompare.com, Matthew Crummack, said:

"Gocompare.com has had an incredible 10-year journey, from its birth as a disruptive start-up to its growth into an iconic brand in product and price comparison. We are looking forward to starting our next chapter as a company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

"We have always worked hard to delight people by using information in the simplest way possible to save them time and money. Every step we've taken over the past ten years has been driven by a genuine commitment to do the right thing by our customers, and this will remain our guiding principle as we move into the future.

Matthew Crummack added:

"People can use Gocompare.com services as many times as they like at no cost, as we make money when people find a deal that's right for them. We are only paid a fee by a company that's gained a customer which makes it a very fair business model. It's great to know that we've saved our customers at least £1billion over the past ten years - we want to save them even more.

"While we'll be celebrating our 10th birthday with cake at our head office in Newport, South Wales, we'll still be working to help people with their household finances, just like we do every day of the year."

Visit Gocompare.com to compare features and prices across a large range of financial products.

For more information about Gocompare.com Group plc visit; www.gocomparegroup.com  


Notes to editors:

*£1billion figure based on core product customers who have bought a policy through Gocompare.com and saved. Figure is the collective amount from Gocompare.com's car insurance, home insurance, van insurance and motorbike insurance products. It is for the period 06 November 2006 - 31 August 2016.

**The partner brands figures referred to are a total of all brands across products; a single brand can be used across multiple products