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GoCompare's data science challenge - the winner revealed…

31 August 2017

South Wales-based tech company's call for the brightest and best data science professional has been answered by a Cardiff University graduate

GoCompare, the comparison website based in Newport, south Wales, recently partnered with technology consultants, Kubrick Group, to launch a data science career challenge to find the next generation of data leaders. For the winner, there was the promise of a place on a coveted 18-week applied data science course, which they'd be paid to attend, followed by the prospect of a two-year placement at GoCompare - which could in turn lead to an exciting career at the cutting edge of data science.
In order to qualify for the shortlist, applicants had to pass several written and verbal tests. They then submitted themselves to a series of challenging tasks that tested their ability to analyse and interpret data, apply this insight to real-world business situations, and present their findings to a panel of data science, tech and business experts.
Following an exhaustive process that saw many gifted and exceptionally professional people take part, GoCompare has chosen its winner: Tabitha Davies. Tabitha, 21, has just finished her final year at Cardiff University, where she was studying for a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in mechanical engineering.
Prior to university, Tabitha attended Bishop Ramsey CE School in Ruislip, where she excelled in science and mathematics.  Her know-how, along with her demonstrable ability to apply what she's learnt to the real-life scenarios she was presented with, really impressed the assessment panel.
Jackson Hull, chief technology officer at GoCompare, said: "I had really high expectations going into this, but even so the calibre of the applicants was better than I could have imagined. To see so many people who were all so undeniably intelligent, dynamic and professional was heartening - the future of data science in Wales is in capable hands!
"Tabitha really impressed us at every stage of the process, and her place on the 18-week applied data science course, and subsequent placement at GoCompare, is thoroughly well-deserved. On behalf of the panel I'd like to extend my congratulations to Tabitha - we're all excited to work with her and see how she can help us develop our data science capabilities, while we help her kick-start an exciting and rewarding career."
On the challenge, and successfully securing her place on the course, Tabitha said: "I'm looking forward to starting the 18-week course with Kubrick Group in London, and to getting to grips with the data science challenges and opportunities at GoCompare.
"The application process was certainly different and a lot of fun, and it was great getting to meet Jackson and the rest of the team at GoCompare, as well as the other candidates. Needless to say, I can't wait to get started!"
Simon Walker, managing partner, from Kubrick Group, added: "We're really looking forward to Tabitha joining us and are very happy to be partnering with a forward-thinking company like GoCompare. Equipping and supporting bright junior professionals, with the right skills, will ensure the UK's future economic success."
GoCompare is on a mission to become the employer of choice in the region, and the home of meaningful and exciting tech careers. To find out more, visit GoCompare.