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GoCompare comments on Ofgem's 'SVT League Table"

20 December 2017

Ben Wilson, from GoCompare Energy commented; "Being on a supplier's standard variable tariff usually means you're on their worst possible deal and today's league tables show that millions of households across the country are currently paying way more than they should be for their energy.

“This must change. While pushing energy companies to do more for their customers is one important part of this, people also need to be encouraged to shop around and switch – which is how they can get the biggest savings.

"For instance, the average annual cost of a standard variable tariff (SVT)  across the UK's top 10 largest providers is £1,131. In comparison, the current cheapest fixed deal on the market is just £814, a difference of £317. This is real money, that every year millions of people are leaving on the table."

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