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Saving and ISA guides: Index

Our savings and ISA guides give you the financial facts to make an informed decision when you compare saving products.

Barclays savings accounts

Lost in the world of savings? Let us be your guide to savings accounts with Barclays.

Barclays savings accounts »

Bonus-rate savings accounts

Bonus-rate savings accounts and ISAs typically offer attractive opening rates, but the returns drop sharply over time - then you'll need to shop around.

Bonus-rate savings accounts »

Budget calculator

How much spending money do you have after you've paid your most important bills? Work it out now

Bonus-rate savings accounts »

Business savings accounts

Find out more about business saving accounts and how they could work for you.

Business savings accounts »

Cash ISAs

Cash ISAs can be as simple to use as regular savings accounts, and you won't have to pay tax on the interest you earn.

Cash ISAs »

Easy-access accounts

Probably the simplest and easiest of all options is the easy-access account. It's very simple; you pay your money in, earn interest, and can withdraw it whenever you like.

Easy-access accounts »

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Find out how the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) could protect your savings if a financial firm collapses, and when you might not be covered.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme »

Fixed-rate bonds

Decide if a fixed-rate bond is the best option for you, then use our comparison service to find the right deal.

Fixed-rate bonds »

Guide to National Savings & Investments products

Find out about the pros and cons of using National Savings & Investments products, including Premium Bonds.

Guide to National Savings & Investments products »

Halifax savings accounts

Want to start saving, but not sure where to start? Look no further, we've got the low down on savings accounts with Halifax.

Halifax savings accounts »

Help to Buy ISAs

The Help to Buy ISA is intended to support first-time buyers who are accumulating their home deposit by allowing them to save tax free and receive government assistance.

Help to Buy ISAs »

Help to Save

Find out more about Help to Save, a saving scheme for low-income workers that's boosted by a government bonus.

Help to Save »

HSBC savings accounts

We help you navigate the world of savings accounts and ISAs. Here, we'll be looking at savings accounts available from HSBC.

HSBC savings accounts »

Innovative Finance ISA for peer-to-peer loans

The Innovative Finance ISA will make savers using peer-to-peer lending platforms eligible for tax-free interest from April 2016. Learn more about P2P ISAs…

Innovative Finance ISA for peer-to-peer loans »

Investment bonds

Investment bonds are sometimes known as single-premium life insurance policies - find out more on the pros and cons of such an investment.

Investment bonds »

Joint savings accounts

Saving for a nest egg or a rainy day needn't be a solo effort. We look at the pros and cons of combining forces and opening a joint savings account.

Joint savings accounts »

High-interest ISAs

An ISA is a type of savings account that lets you save free from UK tax. You won’t have to pay tax on the interest or investment returns you earn on the money you put in.

High-interest ISAs »

Junior ISAs

Junior ISAs can be a good long-term savings option for a child's future, paying interest without any tax.

Junior ISAs »

Lifetime ISAs

A Lifetime ISA can help you save tax-free for your first home or retirement with the boost of a 25% government bonus.

Lifetime ISAs »

Make your savings work harder

Find out more about how to get the most out of your savings and maximise the interest returns from your hard-earned capital.

Make your savings work harder »

Notice accounts

If you want to earn some extra interest and don't need instant access to your cash then a notice account or an ISA notice account could be right for you.

Notice accounts »

Offset mortgages

An offset account can link mortgage debt to savings and current account balances, offering the potential of significant benefits if managed in the right way.

Offset mortgages »

Peer-to-peer lending

Learn the pros and cons of peer-to-peer savings, compare P2P options against more traditional savings choices and learn more about crowdfunding.

Peer-to-peer lending »

Post Office savings accounts

If you want to start saving for a holiday, wedding or even for your kids’ future mortgage deposit, compare Post Office savings accounts to see if one could help.

Post Office savings accounts »

Property crowdfunding

Crowdfunding a property through a peer-to-peer site offers investors a low-cost entry into the buy-to-let market. Read more on the pros and cons…

Property crowdfunding »

Rainy-day savings

It's useful to have an emergency fund for when things unexpectedly go wrong. Find out more about rainy-day savings for life's unpleasant surprises.

Rainy-day savings »

Regular-savings accounts

A regular-savings account and/or regular-saving ISA could help get you in the saving habit and earn an attractive rate of interest.

Regular-savings accounts »

Santander savings accounts

Thinking about squirreling away your savings with Santander? You'd be nuts not to read our guide to Santander savings accounts first...

Santander savings accounts »

Savings accounts for children

What's the best way to save for your child? From standard savings accounts to ISAs, stocks and shares, children's bank accounts and peer-to-peer, we review the options.

Savings accounts for children »

Using ISA allowances at the end of the tax year

If the end of the tax year is approaching and you haven't used your ISA allowance, here are the things you should think about...

Using ISA allowances at the end of the tax year »

Using ISA allowances at the start of the tax year

Should you use your ISA allowance the moment it's available or delay until later in the tax year?

Using ISA allowances at the start of the tax year »

Zombie savings accounts

Make sure your savings are still earning interest and haven't joined the legions of the walking dead by finding out more about zombie accounts.

Zombie savings accounts »

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An annuity uses your pension pot to buy a regular income for your retirement - if you choose this option, it’s important to shop around for the right deal.

Annuities »

Are pensions better than savings and investments?

Find out the pros and cons of pensions as opposed to regular saving and investment options.

Are pensions better than savings and investments? »

Building societies

Learn about building societies and other mutual societies, including members' rights and the advantages and disadvantages of using them for savings.

Building societies »

Cashback websites

Cashback websites offer some attractive incentives for frequent web shoppers. Find out the pros and cons of earning as you shop.

Cashback websites »

Challenger banks

Challenger banks are beginning to take market share from the traditional high street giants. Find out why they're different and what they offer...

Challenger banks »

Comic Gains

They may just be paper and ink, but comic books can prove to be rather lucrative assets for the investor willing to take a risk. Many are now outperforming the price of gold.

Comic Gains »

Commodities and alternative investments

Find out more about putting resources into commodities like gold or oil and alternative investments like wine, art and classic cars. You can also read more about alternative currencies such as Bitcoin.

Commodities and alternative investments »

Compound interest

Compound interest on your savings could help earn you extra, but on a loan, it can sink you further into debt. Find out why…

Compound interest »

Credit unions

Credit unions are community co-operatives that can offer savings and other financial services.

Credit unions »

Dormant bank accounts

Find out more about why inactive bank accounts become dormant, what you need to do to reclaim your money and what happens to unclaimed funds.

Dormant bank accounts »

Ethical banking

Read more about ethical banking and finding current accounts, loans and other products that agree with your moral principles.

Ethical banking »

Financial fraud

Find out about the different types of financial fraud, how you can protect your money and what to do if you're a victim.

Financial fraud »

Financial guide to retirement

Do you know how much income you'll get when you retire? Do you know how much you'll need? Get help with the financial realities.

Financial guide to retirement »

Funny money

Slang has been used to describe money for centuries, giving us a wide range of expressions to use in reference to currency and credit. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the more interesting terms from around the world, and traced their origins.

Funny money »

Haggling guide

When can you haggle, how do you do it, what is it appropriate to barter for and can you make savings? Find out more in our guide.

Guide to haggling »

Having a baby

Your bundle of joy comes with a bundle of life-changing financial decisions, so make sure you're prepared.

Having a baby »

How to find and choose a financial adviser

Do you need an independent financial adviser (IFA)? How do you find one? Could other financial guidance and advice serve your needs? Read more about the things to consider…

How to find and choose a financial adviser »

How to save a mortgage deposit

Saving a deposit for a mortgage can be the biggest hurdle to buying a home, so see if our top tips can help you speed up the process.

How to save a mortgage deposit »


Find out why the rate of inflation might affect your decision over whether saving or borrowing is the right decision for you.

Inflation »

Investment supermarkets

Investment supermarkets can help you put money into funds, shares and bonds. Find out whether they’re the right way for you to invest.

Investment supermarkets »

Making a will

Our guide to making a will can help you with all aspects of writing a will, including how to approach it and whether you need professional advice.

Making a will »

Mobile branch banking

Mobile bank branches drive straight into your town or village to bring banking to your doorstep, but are they an alternative to traditional branches?

Mobile branch banking »

Money-saving tips

Need a little inspiration as you build up your savings? See the nation's top 25 money-saving tips that can help put the pound into penny-pinching.

Money-saving tips »

Net interest margins

Find out more about how banks make money from the difference between the interest they pay on deposits and the interest they receive on loans.

Net interest margins »

Offshore banking

Find out more about the pros and cons of offshore current accounts and savings accounts and why they're not just for the super-rich.

Offshore banking »


Robo-advisers are seen as a technological solution to the problems associated with the high cost and lack of availability of financial advice. Find out more…

Robo-advisers »

Saving for Christmas

Find out more about the right savings accounts, Christmas clubs and ways to maximise your Xmas spending. It's never too soon to start!

Saving for Christmas »

Saving for a wedding

Find out how you could save money and pay for your wedding, keeping costs down without compromising the big day.

Saving for a wedding »

Stocks and Shares ISAs

A Stocks and Shares ISA could see you maximise your investments by protecting them in a tax-free wrapper.

Stocks and Shares ISAs »

Tax havens

Find out more about tax havens, how they work and why companies and individuals choose to use them.

Tax havens »

Tracker funds

A tracker fund can be a low-cost investment option that's simple to understand and may offer attractive returns. Find out more....

Tracker funds »

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