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Student insurance

Check out your options with our preferred student insurer, Endsleigh[1]

  • Keep your gadgets protected at uni with the right student insurance
  • There are different levels of cover available to suit all budgets
  • Check whether you're covered by your parents' home insurance policy  

Student halls of residence

Fair cover for students and their stuff

Student life is all about fun, studying, and more fun.

Need more information?

But if you want to protect your stuff from the antics of your mates or the prying eyes of a burglar, will your parents’ home insurance policy cover you? 

Or would you be better off with a student insurance policy? 

Student insurance can cover belongings against loss or damage caused by things like theft, fire, vandalism, storms, floods and burst pipes whilst you're at college or university. 

Find cheap student insurance

If you're looking for student insurance, you typically have four broad choices - they can either be protected under university insurance, by their parents' home insurance policy, by arranging their own home contents cover, or by taking out dedicated student insurance.

Your accommodation provider may include some level of insurance for personal possessions while you're at uni.

This cover could be well worth having, but you need to check the terms and conditions to see if you need to add extra levels of cover if you have expensive IT, sport, or musical equipment.

Check your parents' home insurance policy 

Your parents' home insurance policy may offer an element of cover for belongings kept in student accommodation during term time.

This cover may come as standard on a comprehensive home policy, or it may be available to purchase as an added extra.

But not all policies will have such cover available, while some will only cover one child at a time. 

If two or more of you are off to study, you'll need to check that you're both covered.

Even if cover is available, you should always check the terms and conditions to ensure that they're appropriate to your needs.

What is stand-alone student contents insurance?

If you’d prefer not to risk not being covered by your parents’ policy, you may want to find a dedicated student insurance policy instead.

It should cover your belongings in the event of damage by fire, flood, storm, vandalism, burst pipes or theft.

However, your policy may only cover your possessions during term time - speak to your insurer to confirm whether you’ll be covered during holiday periods.

Student insurance exclusions and extras

If you’ve ever dropped your phone and watched in horror as the screen shatters, or spilled a drink over your laptop and damaged it irreparably, you’ll know how painful it is to accidentally damage your stuff.

Sadly, not all student insurance policies come with accidental cover as standard, so it’s worth considering whether you’ll need to add it as an extra. 

It might be worth considering a stand-alone gadget insurance policy too, especially if you’ve got lots of valuable technical equipment.

If you live in shared accommodation, remember that each housemate will be responsible for taking out their own contents insurance. 

Your possessions may also only be protected if they're in your individual room (which could require its own lock), but not in any communal areas. 

Tips for keeping your belongings safe

  • Register your valuables with Immobilise so that they can be traced back to you
  • Don't keep excess cash on the premises, and keep valuables safely out of view during parties and when you're away from your room
  • If you have a ground-floor room, it's a good idea to keep all your windows shut and any valuables out of sight when you’re not on the premises.
  • Although plenty of insurers can replace laptops or phones, they can't replace the data, so back it up!