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Student insurance guides: Index

Our guides give you the facts so you can make an informed choice when you compare student insurance policies and providers.

Student car insurance

Learn the factors you need to consider when looking for car insurance for students, then find the right deal at the right price.

Student car insurance »

Student contents insurance

Fair cover for students and their stuff.

Student contents insurance »

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Financial guide to independent living

You're moving out for the first time, but are you prepared for the financial realities? Find out the fiscal essentials of leaving home and living on your own. 

Financial guide to independent living »

Insurance cover at festivals

If you're going to a festival, do you have personal possessions insurance away from home that adequately covers your valuables?

Insurance cover at festivals »

Mobile phone insurance

Insurance could protect your mobile phone from damage, theft and loss, but consider all the cover options and beware of exclusions and excessive premiums.

Mobile phone insurance »

Personal loans for students

If you're studying, taking a personal bank loan on top of your student loans should not be undertaken lightly, but it may be an option to consider. If you've finished university graduate loans are available, or gap year loans could provide funding between study.

Personal loans for students »

Setting up a joint account for shared household bills

A joint account for paying out rent and bills in a shared house can seem convenient, but the risks might outweigh the advantages. Find out more…

Setting up a joint account for shared household bills »

Student bank accounts

What should you consider before signing up to a student bank account? If you've left college or are coming to the end of your course, you may want to learn more about graduate accounts.

Student bank accounts »

Student credit cards

If you can handle your finances responsibly, the right student credit card could help your money management at college or university.

Student credit cards »

Student finance

The financial challenges facing students are getting ever more difficult. Let us help you get a firm fiscal foundation... You may also like our financial guide for graduates.

Student finance »

Travel insurance for students

Find the right student travel insurance option - you may want to consider backpackers' cover or a gap year travel policy.

Travel insurance »

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