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Taxi insurance

For taxi insurance comparisons we'd like to introduce our preferred provider, i-Wonder[1]

  • Compare cheap taxi insurance quotes - cover available for anywhere in the UK except Northern Ireland[2]
  • Cover for private hire or public hire (including black cabs/hackney carriages), for fleets or individuals
  • Compare options such as public liability, windscreen, breakdown and legal cover as well as price 

Taxi insurance: Black cab

How can we help you with taxi insurance today?

With the help of GoCompare's partners i-Wonder, you can compare taxi insurance quotes from multiple providers, looking at policy options as well as cost to find the right cover at the right price.

Need more information?

There are insurers on our panel who can cover private hire and/or public hire vehicles (hackney carriages/black cabs), MPVs and minibuses, with options for chauffeurs, wedding car drivers and the carriage of school children for hire and reward.

You'll see options for policy only deals, named driver cover or any driver insurance, meaning there are choices whether you're looking for individual cover or insurance for a taxi fleet.

Our simple-to-use forms start by asking whether you're an individual or company, and for some basic details and contact information.

If you have the vehicle registration number and your driving licence to hand it'll speed up the search process, and you'll be asked to estimate the value of your taxi and to give an indication of when you purchased it.

Input any annual private mileage and business mileage, then you'll be asked who's the owner and registered keeper of the taxi, and for details of where it's kept overnight.

Security matters

  • Declare in our forms whether you have cameras and/or Thatcham security fitted to your taxi - it could help you make a premium saving

Declare whether your taxi's a hackney carriage or black cab, whether it's used for contract work, and for the name of the licensing council.

You should be aware that taxi insurance providers tend to be regional and may include or exclude certain cities and/or areas from cover - this is why we can't currently offer any options for Northern Ireland, although we hope to rectify this in the near future.

Our forms will ask whether your taxi's fitted with CCTV, interior cameras, exterior cameras and/or Thatcham 1 or Thatcham 2 security devices. Any/all of these things could result in premium savings, although your insurer may require further details.

If your vehicle's been modified you'll be able to detail this from a drop-down list, which will also allow you to highlight whether the modification was for medical purposes - perhaps a wheelchair access ramp, for example.

You'll be asked about drivers' employment, for details of their driving licence, how long they've held a taxi badge and whether they've passed a DVSA driving test - some councils require this before you're allowed to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle.

There are compulsory driver declarations to make about any medical conditions that require DVLA notification, criminal offences, and any claims or motoring convictions in the last five years.

Working out your fares?

Choose whether you want comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only cover, then select your preferred level of voluntary excess.

Finally, you'll be asked if you have a no claims bonus, whether this was based on private hire, public hire, company car experience or as a private car bonus, and whether you want to protect your bonus.

You'll then be taken to our taxi insurance comparison page showing the name of the provider, premium (annual and monthly) and excesses (voluntary and compulsory).

The easy-to-use table also clearly shows whether a particular policy includes legal assistance, windscreen cover, public liability insurance and/or breakdown cover. If you see an option you like, click through for more information and the chance to purchase.

There'll be help text throughout the journey to guide you through the options, but if you feel you need more in-depth research try our taxi insurance guides.

There you'll find more information on areas such as cover levels, policy types and add-ons, security, modifications, no claims bonuses and personal use of taxis.