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Frequently asked questions on taxi insurance

Get the answers to FAQs on taxi insurance, then choose the right policy at the right price by comparing multiple providers.

Do I need taxi insurance?

Anyone who drives a taxi for profit, whether it's a private hire vehicle like a minicab or a public hire car such as a black hackney carriage, will need specific taxi insurance.

Standard car insurance won't cover you, even if it includes cover for business use. Read more in our beginners' guide to taxi insurance.

Is taxi insurance more expensive than other car insurance?

Taxi insurance is likely to be more expensive than standard car insurance because insurers perceive there to be a higher risk of an accident and price accordingly.

What's the difference between private hire and public hire insurance?

Private hire vehicles are minicab-type vehicles that can only be pre-booked and can't be hailed at a taxi rank or on the street.Taxi insurance: Black cab

Public hire vehicles are black cabs, hackney carriages and other vehicles that are licensed by the council to pick up fares on the street and at taxi ranks.

These two categories have different levels of risk involved, but how much you pay for your policy is more likely to depend on factors like your age, location and annual mileage.

What types of policy are available?

As well as the usual third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive options, the main choices are between a named driver policy, a policy-only deal or an all-driver policy.

A named driver policy may suit individual drivers who only need cover for themselves and their vehicle.

A policy-only option might be cost effective, but if you own a fleet or need to add several drivers, an all-driver policy could give better value.

Did you know...?

  • Taxi insurers tend to be regional, each only covering a certain city or area

How can I keep my premiums low?

As with standard car insurance, driving with care and building up a no-claims history will help you find cheaper deals, and you should always shop around.

Some insurers will also discount for effective security measures, including those only normally found on taxis, such as CCTV cameras.

Be accurate with your estimated annual mileage as well - if your mileage is likely to be very high, you might be better off with an unlimited mileage policy.

Why can't I get cover in Northern Ireland?

Taxi insurers tend to be regional, each only covering a certain city or area and it can be harder to find a provider for areas that insurers consider higher risk.

At the time of writing (December 2014), Gocompare.com's taxi insurance comparison service has options for all of the UK except Northern Ireland, but there are providers who offer cover for NI and we hope to be able to add some to our panel soon. Beginners' guide to taxi insurance

Can I use my no-claims bonus (NCB)?

When you compare quotes through Gocompare.com, you'll be asked how many years of NCB you've accumulated and whether this is on a private hire, public hire, company owned or privately owned vehicle.

Many insurers will offer discounts for longer no claims histories. You won't be able to transfer a no-claims bonus that's in use on another vehicle, but some insurers may offer a discount for a clean driving history.

Can I get insurance for my disabled-access taxi?

During the quote process, you'll have the opportunity to declare any modifications your taxi has, including those for disabled access, such as wheelchair clamps, straps or ramps. This will be taken into account when calculating your results table.

Can I insure large taxis such as MPVs and minibuses?

Yes - you can specify your vehicle type and the number of seats it has during the quote process. Make sure you stick to the maximum passenger number specified in your policy or you risk invalidating your cover.

When you search for quotes through Gocompare.com, you'll be shown whether any policies available to you include public liability insurance, breakdown cover, windscreen cover and legal assistance

Do I need public liability insurance?

To protect yourself and your customers, you're likely to need public liability insurance.

This may be included as an element of your taxi insurance policy, but it's important to check this - if it isn't, you might need to buy this as an add-on or as a separate policy.

When you search for quotes through Gocompare.com, you'll be shown whether any policies available to you include public liability insurance, breakdown cover, windscreen cover and legal assistance.

Do I need a DVSA qualification to get taxi insurance?

This will depend where you're operating. Some councils require taxi drivers to have a DVSA qualification to operate in their area, so when you compare quotes you'll be asked if you have this.

Can I insure my taxi for personal use?

If you want to use your taxi when you're not working you need to check your insurance covers personal as well as business use.

Can my partner or other family members drive my taxi? Car insurance groups

Although you may be able to add a partner or child to your insurance policy as a named driver, you'll also need to make sure your local authority allows unregistered drivers to be on the roads in a registered taxi.

Any other questions?

See if you can find the answers in our taxi insurance guides.

By Derri Dunn