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What’s tenants contents insurance?

Home contents insurance for tenants is very similar to regular contents insurance for a homeowner, covering your personal possessions within the home.

It provides protection against theft of your belongings, as well as any damage to them caused by fire, water damage, subsidence and in some cases accidental damage.

Do I need tenants insurance?

It’s worth getting tenants insurance so you know that your possessions are covered. You never know when an accident could happen. A good insurance policy will keep you covered and give you peace of mind.

Does tenants contents insurance cover landlords' fixtures and fittings?

Any decent policy will include tenants liability cover but it’s always worth checking.

Tenants liability insurance covers the occupier for accidental damage to third-party items in addition to their own, so you won’t need to tear your hair out if you spill a glass of red on your landlord’s suede sofa.

However, it’s worth remembering that not all policies include the same features, so be sure to read the policy docs carefully before signing on the dotted line.

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  2. Your property

    What type of property do you live in and how many rooms are there?

  3. Surroundings and security

    Give details of your locks and alarms, as well as whether you live near water

  4. The serious bits

    Tell us a bit about you and any past claims, convictions or declarations

  5. Cover details

    Take your time on this part so you get the right cover details

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What does tenants insurance cover?

Each policy will differ when it comes to what they’ll cover as standard, but usually it will include items like furniture, TVs, soft furnishings, gadgets, appliances, bicycles, clothes and jewellery.


Fires in houses and flats account for a significant number of the insurance claims made every year.

Sensible prevention measures will help protect your possessions and could lower your insurance premiums.

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If you live in a flood risk area, your tenants insurance could be more expensive than for your landlocked friends.

However, it’s still possible to find affordable cover for your contents.

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Crime in your neighbourhood isn't just a safety concern, it also affects the cost of your insurance. You can help lower your premium by making your rental home as secure as possible.

Keep the risk of burglary down by identifying your home's security weaknesses and addressing them.

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Accidental damage

Accidental damage cover is for loss or damage of an accidental nature, such as knocking a tin of paint over a carpet, smashing a valuable vase, or escape of water from a leaking, hidden pipe.

This can be vital to a tenants insurance claim, but it's not included on all policies as standard.

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Tips for getting cheaper tenants insurance

We’ve got tips to help keep your premiums down:

  1. Pay annually

    Paying monthly can be convenient, but it’s almost always cheaper to pay annually if you can

  2. Increase your voluntary excess

    You may get a lower premium but only choose what you can afford

  3. Calculate the value of your contents

    Make sure you pay for the right level of cover

  4. Only pay for what you need

    You’ll be offered a variety of extras, so pay for what you need and nothing more

  5. Fit a smoke alarm

    It’s a valuable safety precaution and could benefit you when it comes to your insurance

  6. Join Neighbourhood Watch

    You may qualify for a discount on your tenant’s insurance

  7. Improve your home security

    Most insurance companies will factor in security on your property when calculating your premium

  8. Shop around

    Our top tip for getting the insurance cover you need at the right price is to shop around and compare prices

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need buildings insurance for my rental?

    No, that’s your landlord’s responsibility. They must make sure that they have cover for the building as well as the fittings and fixtures.

    If they have furnished the property, they should get content insurance as well.

  • Is tenants insurance mandatory?

    Tenants insurance is not a legal requirement, but it can be a good idea if you want to make sure your personal possessions are covered.

  • Can I get tenants insurance in shared accommodation?

    Yes, you can. Be aware that your policy will have conditions, like being able to lock the door to your room and not leaving your belongings in communal areas.

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