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So, you missed out on Glastonbury Festival tickets?

Don’t fret, here at GoCompare we have done the research for you and come up with some exciting alternatives to scratch your musical itch this coming festival season.


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We spoke with music industry experts and passionate fans to get their opinion on the best Glasto alternatives around Europe for you and your fellow festival goers to enjoy, whatever genre you’re into!

Primavera Sound Festival

Barcelona, SpainMay/June

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Emma Garland
Associate Editor, Vice UK

“In my humble opinion, Barcelona's Primavera Sound is the best festival in Europe. On a purely practical level the layout is super easy to navigate, the food slaps, and everything sounds amazing despite the site being positioned literally on the Balearic Sea. The line-up is always wildly varied so you can watch, for example, Jane Birkin croon along with a full symphonic orchestra immediately followed by Mike Patton fronting a hardcore punk band. With plenty of places to sit and chill (including an actual beach on site) it's easily one of the most relaxing festivals on offer. It's basically like going on a beach holiday with a bunch of the greatest artists in the world.”

Tom Connick
Freelancer, NME/Pitchfork/Noisey

“Primavera Sound - it's a holiday to sunny Spain and one of the best festivals of the year all in one. I defy anyone to find a line-up that's as consistently top-notch year-on-year as Primavera's, and when you combine that with drinking beers on the beach and watching the sun come up each morning, after a night of music and madness, it's the perfect weekend away.”

Hannah Louise Farrington
Fashion Blogger

“Five nights of blissful debauchery, dancing and staying up to watch the sun rise from the beach, and a line-up always packed with exciting new talent and music's biggest icons: Barcelona’s Primavera Sound is my favourite festival in Europe.”

Sziget Festival

Budapest, HungaryAugust

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Sarah Bradbury
Freelance Writer/The Independent

“My all-time favourite is Sziget in Budapest in Hungary - amazing value for money, gorgeous location (a lush green island on the Danube) and often with good weather, so you can dance in your flip flops in the grass, instead of your wellies in the mud. It's on for a week so there’s plenty of time to explore both the vast festival grounds and its diverse offerings; from arts and crafts to reiki massage and chillout areas. The crowd is very international and friendly, drawing music lovers from across Europe and beyond, and the campsites are on the festival site with plenty of space/clean toilets etc. Plus, music-wise there's a brilliant balance of big live acts on the main stages, emerging artists and world music on smaller ones as well as electronic dance tents to keep you going till dawn. Overall, a fantastic environment to appreciate music in.”

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Download Festival

Donnington, UKJune

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Sam Coare
Editor, Kerrang! Magazine

“Download, obviously, is the festival highlight of my year, every year. From the breadth and quality of the line-up, to the people and the atmosphere, it's second to none.”

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Green Man Festival

Brecon Beacons, WalesAugust

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Nicholas Williams
Freelancer, The Guardian/The Mirror

“Green Man Festival – set in the heart of Black Mountains, this festival offers a wonderful world filled with new discoveries. From emerging acts to seasoned pros, a festival fit for everyone.”

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Tomorrowland Festival

Boom, BelgiumJuly

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Chris Hines
Editor, Hit the Floor Magazine

“Tomorrowland is not only home to the biggest DJ’s on the planet but is by far the most visually stunning festival you will ever attend. No sign of a dirty burger van here! Beautiful surroundings, beautiful people, giant stages that look like they should be at Disneyland and some of the most incredible light shows you will ever see. This is a whole new level of festival that you can’t afford to miss.”

Hellfest Festival

Clisson, FranceJune

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Tyla Campbell
Touring Musician & Son of Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell

“My first experience of Hellfest was a couple of years ago when my mate, my brother and I were travelling through France for the euros in a camper van and luckily Hellfest fell right in between two Wales (football) games. The line-up is always hard to beat and that year it was Black Sabbath, Rammstein and Twisted Sister headlining. The sound was fantastic and so were the facilities. If you’re looking for a European metal festival that is within driving distance from the UK then Hellfest is for you.”

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Outlook Festival

Pula, CroatiaSeptember

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Phoebe Davies

“Outlook was definitely one of the best festivals I've ever been to. The line-up is a mix of reggae, dubstep and drum and bass and the location is stunningly beautiful. Watching the sunset whilst partying on an island with some of my best friends was an unreal experience. We flew out a few days before the festival to take full advantage of the weather. If you go make sure you don't miss the opening party in Pula's Roman Amphitheatre!”

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Nos Alive Festival

Lisbon, PortugalJuly

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Owen Friend
Creative Designer at isaachart.co.uk

“Nos Alive is a great little festival just outside Lisbon with an eclectic line-up mixing big name rock/indie bands with local DJ’s and ‘fado’ singers. It feels like quite a futuristic festival with amazing lighting and crisp sound and the Portuguese people are super welcoming. Take a proper look round the festival and you’ll find all sorts of activities from VR gaming to table football (which is huge in Portugal apparently). The highlight of my weekend was welcoming Friendly Fires back after a long hiatus, that man has got moves.”

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Pitch Festival

Amsterdam, NetherlandsMarch 8th – 11th

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Louisa Marsden
PR, GoCompare

“Amsterdam is saturated with festivals, so it's hard for new players to make their mark - but PITCH was a really cute little newbie, which popped up in Westergasfabriek - which in itself is a really cool place. It's a former gas works factory which has been transformed into a cultural venue.

It was a good mix of genres and artists, such a James Blake, Jungle, Jamie XX, Young Fathers and Simian Mobile Disco. What made it really cool was the former working buildings were used as different venues and artist points, which you could meander in and out of through the day/night.

A different vibe wherever you turn, which made it appeal to a lot of different festival goers, and one which I'll never forget!”

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Dong Festival


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Emily Durrant
Music Fan

“Me and my mates first found out about Dong because we saw someone wearing a t-shirt at a UK festival…we thought it was hilarious. A couple of years later when we all had jobs and some money behind us, we decided to go to a European festival and Dong was top of the list. It’s a bit of a jaunt climbing up a huge hill with all your camping gear, but after three years we’ve all learnt to pack light and we know there’s a decent beer at the top. It’s a fairly small festival even now (it started as a party in someone’s garden) but there’s a really friendly atmosphere because of this. Also, the view at the top of the hill is awesome!”

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