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Travel insurance for Australia

Planning a holiday of a lifetime to Australia? Compare travel insurance to cover your trip with theidol.com[1] 

  • Get one-way travel insurance if you're backpacking, working or emigrating and have no set return date
  • Find policies with healthcare and emergency transport home included
  • If you're planning to go scuba diving or banana boating, find insurance with water sports cover


Flying to Oz? Compare travel insurance quotes for your Australia trip

Is Australia calling you? Make sure you get travel insurance for Australia that suits you. Read on to learn more and compare insurance quotes.

Key points

  • Backpacking around Australia? Single trip insurance lasts between 30 and 45 days, so look at backpacker or gap year travel insurance
  • Water sports, such as diving and surfing, are sometimes excluded on travel insurance policies
  • Australia and the UK have a healthcare agreement, but that doesn't replace travel insurance

Whether you're travelling for the stunning beaches or venturing further inland for a walkabout, the right travel insurance is vital.


Got your flights booked to fly out to the land down under (Australia)? Can't wait to throw a snag (sausage) on the barbie (BBQ) on a sunny arvo (afternoon)? Ripper (great)! Now let's get your travel insurance sorted and you can crack open a stubbie (a 375ml bottle of beer) from the esky (insulated cooler) with peace of mind! Bonza (fabulous)!

Do I need travel insurance for Australia?

The short answer is yes, because accidents and emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere.

What cover will I need?

The cover you'll need for your trip to Australia will depend on: 

All of these will affect the type of cover you will need. 

Study the small print and make sure the limits and excess are sensible and suitable for: 

  • Healthcare and medical cover 
  • Emergency medical repatriation 
  • Lost, stolen or damaged possessions (think passports, cameras and luggage)
  • Curtailment, cancellation or delays, that includes excursions
  • Personal liability protection   Aeroplane

Your travel insurance should cover you whether you're planning on scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, or watching England at an Ashes test.

Australian healthcare and travel insurance

Australia and the UK have a reciprocal healthcare arrangement, so if you're a British passport holder travelling in Australia and turn up at a public hospital you'll be treated for free.

But, there are things the reciprocal healthcare won't cover:

  • Prescriptions and medicine when you're not in hospital
  • Ambulance services
  • Medical evacuation back to the UK

As a rule of thumb, you'll want travel insurance for Australia that includes medical treatment and repatriation cover. 

If the worst should happen, then an air ambulance back to the UK is going to be very expensive. 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office suggests £2m for anywhere outside of Europe, but it's down to your budget and peace of mind if you would like more or less cover than recommended. 

Medical cover and emergency repatriation are usually standard parts of travel insurance, yet it's best to check the terms and conditions, especially for any excess you may have to pay.

Water sports and adventure cover

There's a plethora of amazing activities you can get up to in Oz, but as always, check if your policy will cover you for them because signing a disclaimer isn't the same as having official cover from an insurer.

With the Ningaloo Reef and some of the best surf in the world, a dip in the water should be on any tourist to Australia's things to do list. 

Did you know...?

Rip currents on Australia's beaches can be very powerful and can cause difficulties for even the strongest swimmers. As many as 400 British people have to be rescued from Australia's surf every year.

Yet water sports, which can include activities like yachting and deep-sea fishing, may be excluded from travel insurance policies. 

If you wish to hop on a jet ski or in a sea kayak, check the terms and conditions of your insurance, and if it's not on the list, consider a water sports insurance policy.

Be aware that most insurers may not cover you if you injure yourself bungee jumping off Sydney Harbour Bridge... especially as bungee jumping is banned off that bridge. 

Horse riding and sometimes even cycling can be excluded too.

Wildlife and safari cover

Australia's unique wildlife is one of its biggest draws, but saying that, insurers will expect you to take reasonable precautions and care around wildlife. 

Take care around Australia's diverse and unique fauna and flora, especially the snakes... and the spiders... and the crocodiles.

If you're planning on an extended wildlife safari, check that your travel insurance quotes cover your activities.

Single or annual travel insurance policies

Heading to Oz to follow the cricket? Backpacking on a gap year? Emigrating? There are lots of different types of travel insurance for Australia.

Here's how to find the right policy for you.

Travel insurance for a working holiday to Australia

Got your Working Holiday visa? If not you'll need to apply for one before you touchdown down under. 

Next make sure your travel insurance for Australia does these three things:

  • Covers the length of time you're there - most travel insurance policies last 30-45 days per trip, while your Australian Working Holiday visa is valid for a year
  • It doesn't exclude the type of work you hope to be doing, such as manual labour
  • Provides good medical cover

One way travel insurance to Australia

One way travel insurance to Australia may work out better for you than single trip travel insurance if you're: Suitcases

  • Not sure when exactly you'll be coming back
  • Stopping off in a few countries along the way
  • Emigrating and want to cover the trip over 

Unlike single trip and annual travel insurance, one way cover usually stops the moment you arrive at your destination. 

Backpackers travel insurance for Australia

Gap year travel insurance or backpacker insurance often offers longer continuous coverage - perfect for extended trips down under.

With backpackers travel insurance for Australia look out for any exclusions:

  • Age limits
  • Whether you can work or not
  • Certain outdoor activities - water sports etc.
  • Can you to pop back to Britain, say for a wedding? This will invalidate some policies

Long stay travel insurance for Australia

Most annual travel insurance policies have time limits per trip, which can be only a month, or sometimes longer.

If you're planning on being in Australia for a long time, make sure you compare policies and that they cover you for the full time you're there.

Worldwide travel insurance policies.

Is Australia one port of call on your around the world voyage?

Compare worldwide travel insurance policies to see if the cover works out cheaper and more manageable than organising travel insurance solely for Australia. 

Working for a year in Australia

When it comes to travel insurance to Australia for a working holiday, compare quotes. 

Make sure that the policy will cover you for all the time you intend to stay in Oz, and, if you're planning on becoming a lifeguard or ski instructor that your travel insurance covers you for such activities.

How to get cheap travel insurance to Australia

There are a few simple steps to find dream insurance for 'Stralia:

  • Shop around and compare quotes to find the right cover at the right price
  • Make sure your travel insurance to Australia covers everything you want to do for the length of time you're there
  • Check that you're not over-insured and that you're not paying for stuff you don't need
  • For instance, does your home contents insurance cover possessions outside the home?
  • The cheapest policy may not be suitable and may require a large excess before the insurance company will support your claim

Also check if you already have travel insurance through a paid for bank account or credit card.

Finally don't forget your visa and have a wonderful trip down under!

By Sam Easterbrook