Cancer patients and travel insurance

Compare travel insurance quotes for cancer patients 

How to find travel cover if you have cancer

Not all insurers will cover people with serious medical conditions, but it’s still possible to get suitable travel insurance for a good price.

If you compare travel insurance quotes with us, we’ll ask you about any pre-existing medical conditions you have, including whether you currently have, or you’ve previously had, cancer.

Due to the potential complications of cancer, organise your travel insurance as soon as possible.

Your cover options can depend on the severity of your condition and it can be difficult to find cover for serious health issues. You can try contacting some of the insurers listed on the Money Helper directory of providers that might be able to offer cover.

What will be covered?

You’ll be covered for the same things as everybody else, like:

  1. Medical care

  2. Repatriation

  3. Holiday cancellation, curtailment and delays

  4. Lost or stolen luggage and personal belongings

  5. Legal fees

Even if you no longer have cancer, you’ll still need to declare it whether you’re in remission or cancer-free

What information do I have to disclose?

You need to declare whether you, or anyone covered under your policy, has ever had any pre-existing medical conditions.

Insurers need to know if you’ve received treatment or taken medication for any medical condition within the last two years, if you’re on a waiting list, and whether your condition is terminal or not.

You’ll then be asked for details of your cancer. This is called medical screening, and it’s just so insurers can assess whether they have a policy suitable for your needs.

Advice for travelling with cancer

If you’re planning a trip abroad, here are a few things to bear in mind if you have cancer:

  1. Travelling against medical advice

    If you've been advised not to travel, your insurance will be invalid

  2. Documentation

    Take copies of any documents relating to your illness, treatment and medication with you

  3. Contact details

    Make sure you bring your doctor’s contact details with you

  4. Medication

    Pack enough medication to last your entire trip, plus a bit extra just in case you’re delayed

  5. Help from travel companies

    Tell your travel company or airline that you have cancer, so they can make sure any medical equipment you need is accessible

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