Travel insurance for Bali

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Travel insurance for Bali

The unexpected can happen even in an island paradise like Bali - but you can prepare for the unforeseen by taking out the right travel insurance before your trip.

Worldwide cover excluding the USA and Caribbean should cover your trip to Bali, but always check it’s in the list of countries covered in your chosen policy.

Travel insurance includes repatriation and medical care as standard, but make sure the cover levels are high enough for your trip.

Check cover levels for travel disruption and flight cancellations too, in case your travel arrangements don’t go to plan. Bali has a few active volcanoes, and it’s not uncommon for them to erupt, causing volcanic ash to disrupt flights. Some policies might exclude cover so check policy docs - if you're still not sure, just give the insurer a call.

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Sports and activities

Bali’s a popular surf destination but check that your policy covers it before you hit the waves. Each insurer will list sports that they’ll cover as standard, but exclusions around water sports are fairly common.

You’ll need to take out additional cover for adventurous sports if it's not covered as standard.

When you get quotes with us, we'll ask you what activities you plan on doing whilst you're away and show you insurers that'll cover you for them.


If you’re planning on backpacking through the mountains and rainforests of Bali, you can get specialist backpacker cover.

You’d be covered for an extended period of time so you can travel to other countries before or after Bali under the same policy. More adventurous activities, and cover for charity work, is often included too.

Single-trip or multi-trip cover?

A single-trip policy is cheaper if you’re taking just one trip this year.
But if you’ve got a few holidays in the pipeline, you could save hassle with multi-trip travel insurance

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Medical cover and healthcare in Bali

Medical cover is the most important part of your travel insurance, because it covers the cost of treatment if you’re injured or unwell on your holiday.

For anything beyond minor treatment, you might be sent to Bali’s main private hospital, the BIMC clinic. Treatment here can be expensive, so make sure you choose a travel insurance policy with adequate cover for medical treatment.

You might need to be transferred to the mainland for treatment, so check the terms of your policy for treatment limits, transfers and repatriation cover.

Do I need vaccinations?

If you fail to take necessary precautions with vaccinations and preventable diseases, your insurer could refuse to pay a claim related to contracting these conditions.

Check FitForTravel for the latest vaccination advice, but you’ll usually need to be up to date on jabs for diphtheria, hepatitis A, polio and tetanus. Get advice from your doctor for rabies and typhoid vaccinations.

While malaria exists in Bali, it isn’t a huge risk. You can protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and trousers, using a spray containing DEET and sleeping under a mosquito net.

You’ll need a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you’re arriving from a country where there’s a risk of yellow fever transmission. There’s no risk if you’re travelling from the UK, but check if you’re planning on visiting another country before Bali.

You don't need a visa for Bali if you have a UK passport and are visiting for up to 30 days. If not, you can apply for a visa on the Indonesian Embassy website

A few tips to help you stay safe in Bali

  1. Volcanic activity

    Check The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice before travelling to volcanic areas, including Mount Agung and Mount Sinabung. It sometimes issues volcanic activity warnings. Travel to these areas could invalidate your travel insurance if you ignore advice not to go

  2. Petty crime

    Pick-pocketing is common in busy tourist areas, so have your wits about you. Consider a travel insurance policy that includes gadget cover if you’re planning on taking expensive tech on your trip. Credit card fraud is also an issue - make sure no one takes your card out of your sight during transactions

  3. Road travel

    You can only drive in Bali with an International Driving Permit issued in Indonesia. If you’re planning on hiring a vehicle, check your travel policy covers the associated risks

  4. Flooding

    Flooding is common in Bali and can cause severe travel disruption. Stay up to date with local reporting and take extra care if trekking or driving

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