Travel insurance for Cuba

Compare travel insurance for a trip to Cuba 

Why do I need travel insurance in Cuba?

Visitors to Cuba legally need travel insurance with medical cover - you could be asked to prove you have cover on arrival.

If you can't show proof, you’ll be forced to buy another policy from the State’s tourist assistance company Asistur, so pack a printout of your certificate of insurance in your hand luggage.

Types of travel insurance for Cuba

Your Cuban trip could take in bustling cities, rolling countryside and blissful beaches, so choose a policy that’s right for your trip.

Worldwide travel insurance

You’ll need a worldwide policy, but check that it does include Cuba. Some exclude the Caribbean (along with the USA, Canada and Mexico).

Annual travel insurance

If you travel abroad more than twice a year it's probably cheaper to buy annual or multi-trip travel insurance cover. It’s more flexible too - you can take trips at short notice without having to organise single trip insurance for each one.

Couples’ travel insurance

Unless you’re travelling alone, see if you can get cheaper cover with a policy for couples or familes

Gadget cover

If you’re carrying laptops, tablets, phones and cameras, check your travel insurance covers them. If it falls short, consider standalone gadget insurance with worldwide cover.

Do I need a visa for Cuba?

You’ll need to get a tourist card before you travel if you're travelling for leisure.

There are a number of other visa categories for non-tourists - check for the latest advice.

Sports and adventure travel

Given the range of terrain and landscape in Cuba, backpacking, trekking and sports activities are popular.

Make sure any extreme sports you’re planning are covered by your travel insurance, as each provider will have its own list of activities it can and can’t cover.

Also check you’re covered for cancellation and lost or stolen items.

Cuba travel advice

Travel insurance protects you from the unexpected, but make sure you do your research on Cuba so you have a safe trip.

Medical care

There are hospitals nationwide, but medical facilities are better in the capital Havana than elsewhere.

If you do need medical treatment you, or your insurer, will be expected to pay before your departure.

A short hospital stay in Cuba could quickly run to hundreds or thousands of pounds, so check your insurer will pay the hospital directly and has adequate limits on medical costs.


If you don’t have recommended vaccinations and subsequently fall ill from a preventable disease, your travel insurance won't cover the cost of treatment.

Check the TravelHealthPro website for the latest advice on vaccinations for Cuba.

Although there’s no risk of yellow fever in Cuba, you’ll need a vaccination certificate if you’re travelling from a country where there is a risk.

Other health risks in Cuba

Mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever are present in Cuba.

The country’s also experienced Zika virus transmission, as well as cases of chikungunya virus and cholera, so take steps to avoid getting ill by checking the latest advice from the National Travel Health Network and Centre.

Cuban currency

There are two currencies in Cuba: the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP).

The CUC was created for the tourism industry and for luxury goods, at an exchange rate of $1USD = 1 CUC. CUP is worth much less.

You can only convert your money in Cuba, so make sure you bring enough in Sterling, and check with your bank that your debit and credit cards will work too.

Look out for travel insurance with cover for theft of cash.

Best time to visit Cuba

Cuba has a warm, tropical climate with sunshine and blue skies form December to May.

Beware the hurricane season - check the National Hurricane Centre if you’re travelling June to November and make sure your insurance covers cancellation and cutting short your trip.

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