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Covid-19 (coronavirus) – important information

From 17th May 2021, a travel traffic light system is being introduced and trips to green list countries will be legally permitted if you live in England. Strict border control measures will remain in place for your return to the UK.

Before you buy, you should consider the implications of your destination moving from a green list country to amber or red as you may incur additional costs and/or face travel restrictions that will not be covered by your travel insurance.

The traffic light rules only dictate what you have to do on returning to England – so even if a country is on the green list, you still need to check your destination's entry requirements and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice for travelling there. If the Foreign Office has advised against travel to your destination and you still decide to travel, you will not be covered by any travel insurance policy you purchase.

A few insurers do offer cover If you are an essential traveller, however if you are in doubt or have any queries, please check the policy wording, or contact your chosen provider before purchasing.

Until dates have been set to permit non-essential international travel from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it is important that you follow all the rules that apply to your country of residence.

What type of travel insurance do I need in Morocco?

Morocco is on the north-western tip of Africa, so it’s not part of Europe. But many travel insurance providers will include it in their European cover policies.

As European cover is usually cheaper than worldwide travel insurance, this can save you some money, but do make sure that Morocco’s included in European cover before you buy a policy.

If Morocco’s your gateway into other countries in Africa, you’ll need worldwide travel insurance.

Even if your travel insurance classes Morocco as Europe, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) doesn’t, so you can’t use it in Morocco.

Any other cover you’ll need depends on the activities you intend to take part in while staying in Morocco, where you’re travelling to and what you plan to bring with you.

Single-trip or multi-trip cover?

If your holiday to Morocco is your only trip this year, single-trip travel insurance will probably be cheaper. If you’re planning several trips, annual travel insurance could save you money and it'll also give you more flexibility.

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Vaccinations for Morocco

As well as the usual vaccinations like MMR and tetanus, consider a rabies vaccination if you plan to visit remote regions. It’ll buy you time to get to hospital if you’re bitten or scratched by an infected animal while far from hospital.

Get the most up-to-date vaccine recommendations from the National Travel Health Network and Centre at least eight weeks before you travel.

Do I need a visa for Morocco?

If you’re a tourist and a British citizen you can visit Morocco for up to three months without a visa

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