Travel insurance for Russia

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against travelling to Russia right now, so you're unlikely to find travel insurance to cover you. Read the FCDO's travel advice for more information

Ceri McMillan - GoCompare travel insurance expert
Ceri McMillan
Updated 21 April 2022  | 2 min read

Russia travel insurance

If you're visiting Russia, travel insurance will cover your trip if you need medical attention, it’s cancelled or cut short, if you lose your possessions or you’re a victim of crime, plus much more.

Do I need travel insurance for Russia?

Travel insurance isn’t a requirement for visiting Russia.

We checked Defaqto and 98% of annual policies would cover £3m or more in medical expenses which usually includes medical repatriation costs – read your terms and conditions to see what you’re covered for before you travel.[2]

Look for cover as soon as you’ve committed to go. When you’ve got travel insurance, your trip is covered if you can’t travel for reasons beyond your control, or if the airline goes into administration.

What should my travel insurance policy for Russia include?

  • Medical expenses
  • Cancellation or curtailment of your trip
  • Delay or missed departures for reasons outside your control (such as extreme weather)
  • Repatriation to the UK in case of ongoing medical treatment
  • Lost or stolen baggage
  • Loss or theft of passport
  • Personal liability cover

Worldwide and European cover

Depending on where you're travelling in Russia, you’ll need either a European only policy, or worldwide cover.

Trips to St. Petersburg and Moscow should be covered by European cover, but if you’re heading further afield you might need a worldwide policy. Check the destinations listed in your policy to be certain.

If a worldwide travel policy also covers trips to the USA and Caribbean, it’ll be more expensive, so buy a policy that excludes those regions to get the fairest price.

Annual travel insurance

If you’re visiting Russia, plus other destinations this year, annual or multi-trip cover is more affordable than single trip insurance

Staying safe, local customs and legal protection in Russia

Check the government’s foreign travel advice detailing the current terrorism status in Russia before you travel, and check the locations most at risk.

Get to know the local laws before you travel to help avoid any unnecessary claims for legal expenses, accommodation or flights too:

  • Carry your passport with you at all times. Russian police carry out random passport checks. If you don’t have your passport with you, you could be fined
  • Register with local authorities whenever you’re staying somewhere for more than seven days. You'll need to show evidence of registration at the airport when departing
  • Never carry someone else’s bag’s or luggage when you’re travelling, or accept drugs. Possession of even small quantities of drugs can result in long prison sentences
  • Read the government’s information and advice page for the LGBT+ community

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