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Get travel insurance for a trip to Singapore

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Updated 13 October 2022  | 2 min read

Do I need travel insurance for Singapore?

As with any trip abroad, you should take out travel insurance for a trip to Singapore, but it’s not compulsory.  

It’ll cover your trip for cancellation under certain circumstances before departure, and look after you and your possessions while you’re away. 

For Singapore, you’ll need worldwide travel insurance, including medical cover.  

Compare travel insurance policies that exclude the USA and Caribbean - covering the cost of healthcare in these regions pushes up the price of the policy.  

If you’re taking more than one trip abroad over the next year, worldwide annual travel insurance will cover you throughout the year, wherever you decide to visit. It’ll auto-renew after 12 months, so remember to cancel the policy.   

A single-trip policy is more affordable if you’re only visiting Singapore this year. 

Healthcare in Singapore 

Healthcare is expensive in Singapore, but all travel insurance policies have medical care

To get medical attention in Singapore, you’re expected to pay upfront for health services by cash or credit card and pay a substantial deposit for major medical treatment.  

Some over the counter and prescribed medicines are controlled substances in Singapore, so check your prescription before you travel.  

Zika virus 

There’s a risk of catching Zika virus in Singapore. Zika and other diseases, like Dengue, are carried by mosquitoes, so use insect repellent and take necessary precautions. 

If you feel unwell, you can claim for healthcare costs if you need to get medical attention in Singapore.  

Singapore travel advice  

Standard travel insurance will help you recoup your costs if you’re a victim of crime.  

As in every large city, you’re at risk of theft in Singapore. Check if your policy includes cover for cash and passport cover while you’re out exploring the city. A lost passport may disrupt air travel, so make sure your insurance offers good cover for cancellations and delays

Certain exclusions apply to stolen money and possessions, for example, if it’s left unattended - most travel insurance policies ask that valuables are stored securely in a safe at your hotel.

If you’re a victim of crime, report it to the local authorities while you’re still in Singapore, and to the hotel, if that’s where the theft occurred.   

Safe travel in Singapore  

Singapore has strict laws and penalties, including for some behaviours that are acceptable in the UK.  

Drunk and disorderly behaviour is a serious crime, and it’s illegal to drink alcohol in public places at certain times. If you get injured while intoxicated, your medical bills won’t usually be covered by travel insurance either. 

Getting into trouble with the authorities can invalidate your travel insurance, so read up on the local laws and customs before you travel.  

Do I need a visa to travel to Singapore? 

You can stay for up to 90 days without a visa, so long as your passport is valid for at least six months after your date of entry. 

If you’re travelling beyond Singapore, your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you enter those countries.  

Business travel insurance  

Singapore is a global hub of commerce and financial services.  

If you’re heading there for work, you'll need business travel insurance to have the right cover. 

A common feature is extra cover for laptops and equipment. Many policies also have ‘replacement colleague’ cover, in case you can’t make the trip yourself.  

If your business involves dealing with members of the public, you might also need public liability insurance, which protects your company from claims for injury or loss. 

If you stay for longer than 90 days, or are carrying out in-depth business activities, you may need a visa.  

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