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Cover your trip to Turkey with travel insurance

Ceri McMillan GoCompare travel insurance expert
Ceri McMillan
Updated 21 April 2022  | 3 mins read

Do I need it?

Travel insurance isn’t compulsory for a trip to Turkey, but it’ll cover you for unexpected events:

Travel insurance protects your trip as soon as you book it, so if your airline goes into administration, or your hotel cancels before departure, you’ll be covered - all you’ll have to pay is the excess.

Types of travel insurance for Turkey

Make sure you get the right cover for your trip to Turkey.

European or worldwide cover

Turkey is often considered a part of Europe, but it’s not a member of the European Union.

Some travel insurance providers will include Turkey within a European travel insurance policy while others place them under worldwide cover. Check your policy to be sure.

Single or group cover

If a group of you are going to Turkey, compare group, family and couples policies. Some insurers offer benefits and savings if you buy policies for groups, making it more cost-effective.

Annual or single-trip cover

If you buy a multi-trip or an annual travel insurance policy, you can take multiple trips a year to Turkey and beyond without having to worry about organising single-trip insurance each time.

It’ll probably save you some money, too. Our customers paid £40.31 on average for a single-trip policy in 2020. For multi-trip policies it was £66.54.[2]

EHIC cards

Because it isn’t part of the EU, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) isn’t valid in Turkey. It’s vital that your travel insurance contains some form of medical expenses cover

Crime in Turkey 

Crime levels in Turkey are low, but you may encounter pick-pocketing, particularly in the larger cities like Istanbul. 

We found that 76% of 952 annual travel insurance policies on Defaqto covered money up to a maximum sum of £399 or less, and 27% offered a benefit for injury following a mugging of up to £1,999.[3]

What should my travel insurance policy for Turkey cover?

Every insurer will offer different levels of protection. To have peace of mind in Turkey, look out for cover with:

Will I need a visa?

British passport holders need a visa to travel to Turkey. For more information, check the government’s website for advice about Turkey’s entry requirements

You can buy an e-Visa online using the official Republic of Turkey e-visa website. Apply at least 48 hours before travel and keep a printed copy of your e-Visa with you. 

Your travel insurance won’t cover flight or cruise costs or any legal fees if you don't organise your visa in time or correctly and are refused entry.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

British nationals made over 2.3 million visits to Turkey in 2018, mostly without any issues. Your travel insurance can cover your costs in the event of crime or terrorism, but check your policy carefully. 

Check Gov.uk to find the latest information about safe places to travel, terrorism, and safety and security when visiting Turkey.

Do I need vaccinations if I travel to Turkey?

If you are taken ill in Turkey and you haven’t had the relevant vaccinations before you left the UK, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to claim for medical expenses. Injuries and unrelated claims should remain unaffected. 

Before you travel, complete the recommended vaccination courses and boosters. Check the TravelHealthPro website for further information. 

You don’t need to provide any health certificates in Turkey but you should arrange a consultation with your doctor at least eight weeks before your trip and check the NHS’ advice on travel vaccines.

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