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Travel insurance for Europe

Travelling to Europe this year? Compare cheaper travel insurance quotes for your trip with theidol.com[1] 

  • Find the right cover for your holiday, whether it's a city break, sitting on the beach, or hitting the slopes
  • Compare single trip policies for one trip, or annual cover for multiple holidays throughout the year
  • See if a senior, or family travel insurance policy may work out cheaper for you


Find the right travel insurance for long weekends, family holidays and more in Europe.

Travelling to Europe? Compare travel insurance quotes to find the best deal for you, whether you're visiting Paris, Rome, Berlin or Madrid.

Key points

  • Holiday insurance offered by travel agents are can be expensive and include unnecessary criteria
  • Existing domestic policies for gadgets, driving, etc. may be valid abroad
  • EHIC only provides limited health cover and isn't a substitute for travel insurance

Europe is a hugely popular travel destination for many, ranging from summer holidays and city breaks to skiing trips, hen parties and stag dos. 

Whatever the occasion, travel insurance is one holiday essential you don't want to overlook.

Comparing travel insurance for Europe 

Whether you're tearing up the slopes, rocking out at a festival or simply taking in a cultural wonder, it's good to know that your insurance has you covered for the task at hand. 

But with so many companies offering a wide variety of policies, it's hard to know just where to start.

Well fear not, Britain – help is at hand!

The best travel insurance for Europe-bound holidaymakers may not be found in the standard package offered by the travel agent when booking. 

And sometimes, deals could include unnecessary cover you don't even need. 

It's worth taking the time to shop around - the best travel insurance Europe has to offer is often the one that's most suited to you, your holiday, and your activity plans.

Finding cheap Europe travel insurance

If you're hoping to find cheap travel insurance for Europe, it's important to know which kind of insurance you need. 


Most travel insurance is split into these basic core categories:

Whichever policy is most suited to your circumstances, and travel plans, it's useful to know exactly what's included in the policy; you may be able to cut costs by eliminating any cover that isn't applicable to you.

If you have any existing cover domestically through your bank or otherwise, you may already be covered for items like smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Similarly, your car insurance may also be valid should you plan on driving abroad.

Which countries are covered by European travel insurance?

As the name suggests, European travel insurance generally covers all member states of the European Union. 

Despite this fact, travel insurance in Europe isn't always restricted to EU countries.

Several non-EU states may also be covered under European travel insurance too, and as worldwide travel insurance can be more costly than European cover, it's well worth doing your homework beforehand to find out exactly which destinations are covered. 

You may be pleasantly surprised! 

Non-EU states often covered under European travel insurance may include:

  • Andorra
  • Cape Verde
  • Egypt
  • Gran Canaria
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Madeira
  • Monaco
  • Morocco
  • Norway
  • San Marino
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey

It's important to remember that, while many of these locations could be included, it isn't always the case.

Be sure to check that your destination is covered before you take out a policy.

Do you need travel insurance for Europe?

The free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) often enables you to free or cut-price medical care should you become ill or suffer an accident when travelling in Europe. 

The EHIC is considered valuable protection, but it isn't a like-for-like replacement for travel insurance.

In addition to unforeseen health issues, travel insurance also covers you for a variety of loss, travel problems and emergencies. 

Typical travel insurance covers you for the following occurrences:

  • Lost belongings
  • Delays and cancellations
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal liability
  • Emergency assistance

It's worth noting that there are key exceptions that aren't covered by standard travel insurance.

Certain policies may not cover you for the following:

Many activities that involve an element of risk or danger - such as winter sports - will require additional cover, but certain providers may include it in the price as an additional policy benefit.

It’s worth weighing up the options and taking into account the nature of your trip when choosing a policy.

By Martyn Grant