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Types of travel insurance cover

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    European cover

    Travelling to Europe? Find out how to get the right travel insurance, whether you’re visiting Paris, Rome, Berlin or Madrid.

    Worldwide cover

    If you’re travelling outside of Europe, to the USA for example, make sure you’ve got the right insurance for your trip.

    UK cover

    Find out what you can expect from a travel insurance policy that covers trips within the UK.

    Motorcycle holiday insurance

    Make sure you and your motorbike are properly covered with insurance designed for motorbike holidays.

    Pre-existing medical conditions and travel insurance

    If you have a pre-existing medical condition it’s likely you’ll still be covered, but there are a number of factors you need to consider – find out more.

    Travel insurance and cancer patients

    If you’re a cancer patient and you’re looking for travel insurance, we’ve got a dedicated guide to help you find suitable cover.</>

    Travel insurance and pregnancy

    If you’re off for a relaxing getaway before your baby arrives, you can get travel insurance suited to your needs.

    Travel insurance for over 70s

    Over 70 and planning a holiday? Take a look at our travel insurance guide to find the policy and the price that’s best for you.

    Travel insurance for students

    Find out what should be included on a student’s travel insurance policy and how to find the right cover for your trip.

    Travel insurance for children travelling alone

    Make sure your child has the right travel insurance for their trip – here’s what you need to know.

    Senior travel insurance

    If you’re a senior citizen, here’s some specifics about travel insurance that you might want to consider.

    Adventurous sports and travel insurance

    If you’re going to try an adventurous activity, such as scuba diving or horse riding, a standard policy might not provide the right level of cover.

    Water sports and travel insurance

    Find out all about travel insurance with water sports cover before sailing, surfing or swimming the high seas.

    Winter sports and travel insurance

    Whether you plan to ski, skate, ice climb, toboggan or snowboard, read more about your travel insurance options.

    Travel insurance for cycling holidays

    The way some insurers word cover for cycling while on holiday varies. Find out what travel insurance you need for your cycling holiday here.

    Trekking holidays and travel insurance

    If you’re interested in hiking, climbing and high-altitude walks abroad, you might want to check out our guide on travel insurance for trekking holidays.

    Business travel insurance

    What should be included in travel insurance designed for a business trip? And why might golfing cover be included?

    Cruise travel insurance

    You’ll usually have to add cruise cover onto your standard travel insurance as it adds different elements of cover. Find out more.

    Caravan holidays

    Whether you’re staying in a static caravan in the UK or taking your home from home to Europe, make sure you’ve got the right travel insurance for your needs.

    One-way travel insurance

    Moving abroad, or travelling for an indeterminate amount of time? Find out if one-way travel insurance is the best policy for your trip.

    Gap year travel insurance

    Find out what you’ll need to consider when looking for travel insurance that covers you on a gap year.

    Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

    A Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) gets you free or reduced cost healthcare in the European Union (EU). It’ll replace the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Here’s what you need to know.

    Medical cover

    Medical cover is at the core of every travel insurance policy and should protect you if you fall ill or are the victim of an accident while on holiday. Find out more.

    Lost and delayed luggage cover

    Make sure your policy offers enough baggage cover for lost and delayed luggage.

    Flight delay compensation

    If your flight is delayed you could be entitled to compensation under EU rules. Find out more, and whether you qualify.

    Travel disruption cover

    Travel disruption cover could help you claim compensation for things like enforced stay, unused travel and accommodation, and loss of enjoyment.

    Scheduled airline failure insurance

    A standard policy might not cover the cost of your flight tickets if your chosen airline goes into administration - but scheduled airline failure insurance (SAFI) will.

    Cancellation and curtailment cover

    If your trip is cancelled, or you need to cut your trip short, find out how your travel insurance can help.

    Doubling up on travel insurance cover

    Having two or more insurance policies that cover the same thing could complicate claims and lead to you paying more than you need.

    Passport cover on travel insurance

    A lost or stolen passport can be expensive to replace - find out the sort of things travel insurance will and won’t offer compensation for.

    Cover for cash

    How much cover will your travel insurance offer if you have cash lost or stolen on your holiday? Find out more and get tips for keeping your money secure.

    Gadget cover

    If you need to take a valuable gadget with you on your trip, such as an expensive phone, laptop or camera, make sure your travel insurance offers suitable cover.

    Ferry cancellation

    Make sure you’ve got cancellation cover for your ferry journey and find out what is and what isn’t covered.

    How do I make a travel insurance claim?

    Find out how to claim on your travel insurance and what to look out for to avoid your claim being rejected.

    Travelling against FCDO advice

    Your travel insurer almost certainly won’t cover you if you travel against FCDO advice, unless the advice has change since you booked. Find out what to do and what your rights are if you destination's not safe to go to.

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    Whether you’re going to Bali to sightsee, surf, or just relax, it’s always worth looking into the best travel insurance cover for your needs.


    Compare travel insurance for Brazil and get protection for the trip ahead that includes healthcare, cancellation, and loss and theft.


    Travelling to Canada? Make sure you get suitable travel insurance before you go. Read on to learn more and compare quotes.


    Compare travel insurance to find the right policy to keep you safe on your holiday to China.


    A trip to Cuba is an unforgettable experience. Find out what you should expect from your travel insurance here


    If you’re planning a holiday to Egypt, make sure you get the right travel insurance before you go.


    You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to holidaying in Greece – just make sure you’ve got the right travel insurance.


    If you’re heading to Iceland, you’ll need travel insurance before you go. Find out more here, and get ready to relax.


    Read our guide and get yourself covered with the right travel insurance for India, at the right price.


    Wherever in the Emerald Isle you go, make sure you’ve got suitable travel insurance for your Irish break.


    Get the right cover for your break in Italy so you can fully enjoy your trip.


    Find the right travel insurance for your trip to Japan, whether you’re relaxing in a rural town or exploring a bustling city.


    Make sure your much anticipated holiday doesn’t become a nightmare and secure travel insurance before you set off for Mexico.


    If you’re heading to Morocco make sure you get the right travel insurance for your trip. Compare prices to get the right cover.

    New Zealand

    Off to New Zealand? Before you go, make sure you get the right travel insurance – find out more.


    Pakistan has lots of attractions to get excited about, so make sure you’ve got the right cover in place


    If you’re heading northwards to Russia, make sure you’ve got the right travel insurance – especially if you plan on some winter sports.


    Learn more about the travel insurance you’ll need for Singapore and how to find the right policy for your needs.

    South Africa

    Whether you’re going on safari or taking it easy by the pool, find out what you might need in a travel insurance policy for trips to South Africa


    Find the cover you need for the right price as soon as you’ve booked your trip to Thailand – then all you’ll need to worry about is what to pack.


    Find the right travel insurance for your trip to the Turquoise Coast by comparing travel insurance for Turkey.


    Look forward to your break in Vietnam with peace of mind once you’ve found the right travel insurance.

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