Motorcycle travel insurance

Find out how to get the right cover for your motorcycle adventures abroad with travel insurance designed for motorbike holidays.

Amy Smith
Amy Smith
Updated 14 October 2019  | 4 min read

What is motorcycle travel insurance?

Motorcycle travel insurance cover – also known as motorbike touring insurance – is a policy designed to cover you and your bike for things such as track days, adventure touring, off-roading, and biking trips when you’re abroad.

Key points

  • If you’re planning a motorcycle road trip, you might find you already have some cover under your travel insurance or motorbike insurance policies
  • Don’t assume your motorbike insurance will cover you abroad or that your travel insurance will extend to motorbiking - always check before travelling
  • If they fall short, consider insurance add-ons or a dedicated motorbike holiday insurance policy

What does it cover?

Your motorcycle touring insurance should offer comprehensive motorbike cover for your own bike when riding abroad, regardless of its engine size.

A good motorbike travel insurance policy should also cover:

  • Emergency medical expenses and transport costs
  • Personal accident cover while riding your bike
  • Repatriation
  • Damage to or loss of your motorbike
  • Cancellation and curtailment cover

You might be able to add the following cover options, for a fee:

  • Carrying pillion passenger
  • Adventurous sports or hazardous activities
  • Helmets and leathers
  • Baggage and accessories
  • Breakdown cover

Just make sure any activities you’ve planned for your holiday are covered. Whether you’re intending to ride your motorbike off-road, on a guided tour, for a track day or racing.

Check your UK motorbike insurance policy to see if you’re covered for theft abroad - some motorcycle travel insurance policies won’t cover this.

What it doesn’t cover

Depending on the policy, you might be subject to exclusion clauses like:

  • Alcohol limits - most insurers will expect you to enjoy a drink or two, but you won’t be covered if alcohol has impaired your judgement, resulting in a claim, or if you’ve ridden while over the alcohol limit
  • EHIC – your insurer probably won’t pay for medical claims that would be covered by a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), so make sure you have one to take with you
  • Health – you must have the appropriate vaccinations depending on the country you’re visiting, and you won’t be covered if you travel against medical advice
  • Helmets – you won’t be covered if you’re found to be not wearing a helmet, whether it’s enforced by local laws or not

Do you need motorcycle travel insurance?

You might already have enough cover for your trip from your standard motorbike insurance and a normal travel insurance policy.

Check for any gaps in both policies, as bespoke motorbike travel insurance might be able to fill them in.

Can I ride a 125cc motorbike on holiday?

Most travel insurance policies will cover you if you’re injured riding a motorbike up to 125cc while abroad.

However, you’ll probably only be covered for specific biking activities - racing, off-roading or track days are unlikely to be offered as standard.

Don’t mistake your travel insurance for motorbike insurance either – check with the company you hire the bike from that you’ll have at least the legal minimum level of motor insurance for that country.

To ride anything more than 125cc, you’ll need a full licence and motorbike insurance that covers you to ride your over-125cc bike abroad.

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