Scheduled airline failure insurance (SAFI)

SAFI can compensate you if the airline you’ve booked flights with goes into administration.

Amy Smith
Amy Smith
Updated 14 October 2019  | 4 min read

SAFI explained

Some travel insurance policies include cover for your flights if your airline goes into administration and ceases trading. But not all.

If an airline goes into administration, all flights by that airline will be cancelled. Holidaymakers get left stranded and the plans of those with future bookings are thrown into disarray.

If your travel insurance includes SAFI, you’ll get your money back for the cost of your flights.

If you’re not sure if it’s included in your policy, look for sections about ‘flight cancellation cover’ or ‘scheduled airline failure’ as well, as it might be listed there.

What SAFI covers

If your airline goes into administration before you fly, scheduled airline failure insurance will reimburse you the cost of the tickets.

If the airline stops trading while you’re already abroad, you’ll be covered for the cost of replacement flights.

Do I need SAFI?

You don’t need it if you’ve booked a package holiday as they’re covered by ATOL.

But flights booked directly with the airline won’t be covered by ATOL, so SAFI could save you from being left out of pocket.

The airline Monarch went into administration in 2017

This left 110,000 holidaymakers stranded, and 300,000 future bookings were cancelled

Make sure you’re protected - check whether you’re covered by ATOL or buy travel insurance with SAFI

Scheduled airline failure and credit cards

If you paid for your holiday with a credit card, you’ll be protected if the airline stops trading under the Consumer Credit Act, provided the cost of your flights was between £100 and £30,000.

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