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Travel insurance for over 70s

Compare cheaper travel insurance quotes, whatever your age, with theidol.com[1] 

  • Find travel insurance that covers UK or European only, or worldwide travel
  • Get a policy that'll cover cancellation and medical transfer
  • Shop around and find a travel insurance price that suits your budget and needs


Now the adventure really begins...compare travel insurance quotes for over 70s

Over 70 and planning a holiday? Why not take a look at our travel insurance guide to find the policy and the price that's best for you?

Key points

  • Don't be alarmed if an insurer asks questions about your health - they'll use the information you give to calculate your quote
  • If there's more than one of you travelling, remember to compare single travel insurance policies, with policies designed for couples as it may work out cheaper
  • Certain non-EU countries may be covered under European travel insurance, and that could save you a significant amount of money, particularly if your quote doesn't include cover for the USA

Retirement presents the perfect opportunity to travel, however, finding over 70s travel insurance can be far harder than you think. 

Despite this frustrating fact, you're never too old to make new memories and the trip of a lifetime shouldn't be shelved because of the age on your birth certificate.

Start comparing travel insurance quotes for the over 70s

Finding the right cover can be both time consuming and complicated, and to make life easier, preparation is the key to success.

At worst, expect a laundry list of health questions to accompany your application. 

This isn’t anything to be concerned about, but rather the insurer trying to understand the current state of your health and make a quote that comprehensively covers you.

And, certain insurers may also cover any pre-existing conditions in your health record. 

Honesty is definitely the best policy because failure to divulge a medical issue can nullify your policy should a claim be made as a result of the undisclosed condition.

Also, have the end destination in mind before you begin your search and try to predict whether your holiday will be a one-off trip or the first of many that year. 

These facts can make a big difference to the overall cost.

Getting the right over 70s travel insurance policy

The range of policies may be limited in comparison to that of younger age groups, but there are still a number of options available and not all over 70s travel insurance is the same. 

Important things to consider, include:

Sun loungers

Depending on your requirements, there may be some policy features that are more necessary than others.

Cancellation cover, for example, is a worthwhile investment, protecting your finances if you fall ill and can't travel. 

Meanwhile, cover for things like home country medical transfer, or medical emergency repatriation may prove useful should you or a loved one fall ill unexpectedly during your stay.

As far as the actual cover goes, over 70s travel insurance is much like any other age group, covering you against a variety of unfortunate and unforeseen events; including loss of possessions and injury. 

It's even possible to cover activities such as winter sports, however, this will sometimes come at an additional cost.

Will insurers charge older travellers more?

You may find that the cost of travel insurance increases as you get older, but it will depend on a variety of factors.

For instance, in retirement, you may have more time to venture further afield to more exotic locations. 

Or, there could be a lingering health condition that may need a doctor's attention when you’re away.

Cruise ship

If your travel insurance quote is more expensive than you were expecting, and you're aged 70 or older, there are a few ways you can try to reduce your quote but still have watertight protection. 

How to find cheaper travel insurance

Your first port of call should be a price comparison website, shop around to find a policy that suits your holiday style at the lowest possible price, but check it includes everything you need it to.

Couples travel insurance is notably cheaper than an individual policy. 

If you're travelling with a partner, it’s worth considering the variety of couples cover available – you may find a couple's policy is considerably less expensive than two separate policies. 

Don't forget that the frequency of travel can also have an effect on price; if you're planning several trips within a 12 month period, it may be worth exploring annual cover over a single-trip policy.

The location of your holiday can also influence overall cover cost. 

The difference between 'Europe' and 'worldwide' policies in particular can have a big impact, as European cover may be cheaper than worldwide travel insurance for over 70s. 

It's worth checking which category your destination falls into, some non-EU countries can often find themselves included under European policies.

America's healthcare system often pushes up premiums for worldwide travel insurance, so if you can buy European cover for non-EU countries, you may see significant savings. 

If you're travelling within Europe, the EHIC and EHIC Plus may seem an attractive alternative. 

However, both only act as a very basic safety net and shouldn't be considered a replacement for genuine travel insurance - for example, unlike travel insurance the cards won't cover you for repatriation if you're seriously ill and that could cost tens of thousands of pounds.

By Martyn Grant