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Travel insurance for Thailand

Compare cheap travel insurance quotes with theidol.com[1] 

  • Compare single trip insurance for one holiday, or annual travel insurance for extended backpacking
  • Check out worldwide travel insurance policies that include water sports and medical treatment
  • Find cover for lost possessions, such as luggage, passports and cash


Find cover for your trip to Thailand

Jetting off to Thailand? Find out what travel insurance you'll need, and how to get it at a great price.

Key points

  • If you're planning on indulging in outdoor pursuits, such as water sports, make sure it's covered in your policy
  • Backpackers insurance can keep you covered for longer excursions, while student packages are ideal for those studying abroad or taking a gap year
  • If travelling with a partner or as a family, a joint policy will likely be far cheaper than taking out separate solo cover

Pristine beaches and clear blue seas make Thailand one of the most visited holiday destinations in Asia. 

However, if you don't have travel insurance, an unforeseen emergency bill could soon leave you scowling in 'The Land of Smiles'.

Do I need travel insurance for Thailand?

Medical care in Thailand can be expensive at times, and an unfortunate accident or illness could leave you severely out of pocket.

If you're travelling to Thailand, travel insurance is a very wise investment.

A typical travel insurance policy has you covered for the following occurrences:

  • Emergency healthcare - touch wood you won't need this, but healthcare tends to be the biggest expense you might incur on holiday
  • Repatriation - to get you home urgently if needs be
  • Loss of possessions - this can happen easily, regardless of how careful you are
  • Legal costs - having personal liability cover will protect you if you accidentally injure someone, or cause loss or damage to their possessions

In addition to the above, you may wish to explore additional cover, depending on what activities and adventures you have planned.

Outdoor pursuits with an element of danger will likely require additional protection.

Thailand's unblemished seas lend themselves very well to aquatic activities.

As a result, there are a whole host of fun water sports on offer, from snorkelling and kayaking to scuba diving and whitewater rafting.

If you foresee yourself tearing down the rapids with an oar in hand, make sure you're covered – just in case you wind up in hot water.

Which travel insurance is best for you?

The best travel insurance for Thailand is the one that that fits your needs, your location and your plans.

Before you sign on the dotted line with any insurer, be sure to identify which insurance cover is applicable to you and your trip.

Worldwide travel insurance

Thailand travel insurance falls under the 'worldwide' category of insurance.

Unfortunately, this is typically more expensive than European travel insurance. However, there are ways to limit the expense of travel cover.

Multi-trip or single trip?

Multi-trip insurance can save you money if you plan on taking several trips within a 12-month period.

This applies to multiple locations, not just the country you're travelling to initially. It's worth keeping in mind any upcoming trips, short breaks or weekends away that see you venture outside the UK.

Holiday gear

Pssst... Getting multi-trip cover (otherwise known as annual travel insurance) also covers you for domestic trips. Well worth knowing.

Backpackers' insurance

Backpacking excursions often last for extended periods of time.

Luckily, backpackers' insurance can keep you covered for up to 18 months, and can also cover you from one location to the next.

While it's tempting for backpackers to neglect travel insurance altogether as a means of cutting costs, an accident on foreign soil could prove exponentially more expensive.

Student travel insurance

You may find that student travel insurance is generally cheaper than standard policies, and still includes the essentials you need.

Insurance companies may refer to this as a 'budget policy', which typically covers medical cover, loss of possessions and a variety of activities.

This range of policies is usually ideal for students studying abroad or those taking a gap year.

Compare cheaper travel insurance for Thailand

It may seem logical to seek out the cheapest travel insurance option, but cheapest doesn't always mean best.

Partial cover that isn't applicable to the activities you plan on doing won't seem like such a good deal if you're left with a hefty medical bill.

On the other hand, cheap travel insurance for Thailand can be ideal, if you know exactly what cover you require.

It's easy to overspend needlessly, so be sure to read your policy carefully – you may be paying for extras you don't need.

Travel agents often sell exorbitant travel insurance as part of the booking process when you sign up for a holiday package.

This may include things you don't need, so be sure to shop around before you make a final decision.

Online quotes tend to work out cheaper overall.

Even if you've dealt with a company over the phone or in person, it may still be worth getting an online quote from them as well – it could save you even more money.

Finally, if travelling as a twosome, try exploring joint policies.

Don't forget that if you're travelling as a pair, couples' packages may work out far cheaper than two policies booked individually.

And, family packages act in much the same way, with a number of companies even offering kids' cover at no additional cost.

By Martyn Grant