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UK travel insurance

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Guide to travel insurance for trips and holidays in the UK

Key points

  • Travel insurance can offer cover for trips and holidays in the UK as well as if you're heading overseas
  • Watch out for any policy exclusions for things such as internal flights
  • Think about whether you need travel cover, factoring in things you may have such as home insurance, breakdown cover, caravan insurance and credit card protection

If you're travelling within the UK, the thought of buying travel insurance might not have even crossed your mind.

But you can run into unexpected problems in your home country as easily as you can abroad, and it's sensible to have the right cover in place in case it happens to you.

There are many reasons why you might be taking a domestic trip in the near future.

The 'staycation' has boomed in recent years, with budget hotel chain Travelodge revealing that 65% of holidaymakers are due to stay within the UK in summer 2013.

Travelodge's annual holiday report 2013 showed a significant rise in the staycation since 2012, when 41% of people in the UK took a domestic break.

In addition to booking a holiday in their home country, many people also travel to weddings, family occasions and festivals, meaning that they will be away from home for a couple of nights or more.

Do I need insurance for UK travel?Static caravan

Buying insurance for travel in the UK is a sensible idea in many situations, especially if you're relying on public transport or taking valuable items or equipment with you.

"Some circumstances that can ruin a holiday abroad can also affect holidays within the UK," said Gocompare.com's Caroline Lloyd. "Most policies will include an element of cover for your home area [the UK] if you have pre-booked accommodation for more than two nights in a row."

What's covered by UK travel insurance?

One reason you might be glad you opted for UK travel insurance is if you miss your ferry, train or internal flight due to circumstances beyond your control.

Some policies will cover delayed or cancelled departure, but read the small print as not all insurers cover things such as internal flights.

It might also be possible to make a claim if your luggage is lost or stolen, but again this depends on the insurance provider and you'll have to show that you weren't negligent.

Cancellation cover is another benefit of insurance for UK travel. If you book accommodation and travel tickets only to have to cancel because you or a family member are ill beforehand, the right policy could see you refunded some or all of the money.

Other optionsholiday_home_uk_grid

Travel insurance might not be needed if you already have cover with another type of policy.

"Consider where else you might be covered," said Caroline. "For example, breakdown insurance might help you get to your destination whilst your home insurance may include cover for valuables away from home."

Research from Gocompare.com showed that although more than two million music fans planned to go to a festival in 2013,[2] only 54% had cover for their valuables.[3]

Many planned to take expensive items such as smartphones, cameras and tablets with them - and were going to leave them in unsecured tents or carry them around in their pockets.

In 2012, at Glastonbury alone more than 700 items were handed in, including 118 mobiles and 38 cameras.[4]

"If you're somebody who really can't live without their smartphone or tablet, then it's worth considering adding cover for items away from home to your house policy," said Lloyd.

Most home policies with cover away from home will protect your items if they are lost or stolen whilst you're carrying them
Caroline Lloyd, Gocompare.com

"This may increase the cost of your home cover, but it could prove to be a worthwhile investment should you need to make a claim.

"In one example, Gocompare.com found that adding £2,500 worth of cover for items away from home added around £1.50 a month to the cost of a contents insurance policy.[5]

"Before going to a festival, check your documents to make sure you're aware of the level of cover that you have.

"For example, though most home policies with cover away from home will protect your items if they are lost or stolen whilst you're carrying them, some will class anything you leave in your tent as 'unattended' and will not foot the bill if they are lost or stolen, even if your tent was locked."

Down to business

Travel insurance may also be a good idea if you're working away from home in the UK.

Whether you're travelling alone or with colleagues, business trip insurance could save you or your organisation money if you're not able to travel or have to come home early in an emergency.

Business travel insurance is one of the options on Gocompare.com's simple-to-use comparison page.

Just fill in a one-page form with details including your name, whether you need single or annual trip cover and your business trip destination.

By Rebecca Lees