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Van insurance

Compare cheap van insurance quotes and see if you could save

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Start your van insurance quote

Looking to compare cheap van insurance quotes from over 40 of the UK’s leading brands? You're in the right place. 

It doesn't matter what type of van you drive, we can help you find the right policy to insure your wheels. 

What’s van insurance and why do you need it?

It's a legal requirement to have van insurance, just like it is with a car. Whether you use your van for business or pleasure, the right policy can offer peace of mind and the cover you need. 

But van insurance differs from car insurance in lots of ways, especially if you use it for business.

What kind of van insurance do you need?

First you need to decide on your level of cover. It's also worth checking whether your vehicle is classed as a car or van before you start comparing.

Then your next decision is the type of van insurance you'll need, which depends on what you use your van for. 

The different levels of van insurance

Like with cars you can choose from three levels of van insurance:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Third party only policy

Get informed

You can also get telematics (black box), one-day, short-term or temporary van insurance for light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

The different types of van insurance

Depending on the van and the usage, there’s different types of van insurance available:

Carriage of own goods, carriage of goods for hire and reward and haulage and courier insurance are all types of commercial van insurance.

What is the cheapest van to insure?

Small vans with small engines, and with extra security devices but no modifications tend to cost less to insure. 
Check out our top tips for cheaper van insurance to see the full list.

Can you insure a van for personal use?

You can insure a van for ‘social only’ use, this is also known as private van insurance, and suits drivers who use a van for family trips, supermarket runs, and for hobbies and activities. 
However, there isn’t a 'social, domestic, pleasure and commuting' classification like with car insurance. 
If you use a van to commute to work, then you need a commercial van policy (also known as business van insurance). 

Can you use your car no claims bonus on van insurance?

Probably not, as a No-Claims Discount (NCD) only applies to a single vehicle. Some insurers may allow you to mirror your bonus from a car to a van, but it's rare. 
Others may offer a discount if you have van insurance and car insurance policies with them, but again this is not that common.

What information do you need to get a van insurance quote?

You'll need:

  • Your personal details – contact info, job description, driving history (any claims or convictions)
  • Vehicle details – make, model, number plate, any modifications
  • Plans for the vehicle – intended usage, yearly mileage, where it will be parked overnight 

Always answer honestly, as giving wrong info can invalidate your cover. Get a quote now if you’re ready to get started.