Any driver van insurance

Any driver van insurance allows every member of staff to get behind the wheel and drive your company vehicles whenever you need them to.

Alice Morgan
Alice Morgan
Updated 2 September 2019  | 2 min read

What is any driver van insurance?

Any driver van insurance covers a number of drivers for one van.

Unlike standard van insurance, any driver cover allows any member of your team to drive your van, without being named drivers on your policy.

Key points

  • Any driver insurance will cover any unnamed driver getting behind the wheel of your van
  • Check for any age restrictions on your policy
  • The cost of premiums will depend on the size, power and type of van you want to insure

There are some restrictions to look out for - some insurers won’t cover anyone younger than 21.

Do I need it?

It depends on the size of your business and what you do.

As individual drivers don’t have to be named on the policy, any driver cover is flexible.

It might suit you if you have a small or growing business with multiple employees but only one van to share.

If you needed someone to go out on a job while you’re busy at the office or had a temporary employee working for you, an any driver policy would cover them to drive your van.

It also reduces the hassle and cost of adding and removing people from your policy as named drivers. Insurers usually charge an admin fee to add or remove named drivers on your policy.

On the other hand, any driver van insurance policies will be more expensive than standard van insurance to account for the additional risk of the insurer not knowing exactly who will be driving the van.

Are any driver policies suitable for personal use?

Any driver cover is aimed at businesses but private van users might find the flexibility of these policies useful too.

If you own a van to carry gear for hobbies like fishing or motorcycle racing an any driver policy would let you share driving duties with others - for example if you’re injured and need someone else to drive home.

Restrictions on any driver van insurance

Any driver doesn’t mean literally anyone’ can get behind the wheel of your van. You need to check for restrictions on your policy.

The most common restriction is driver age. Some insurers won’t cover drivers under 25 with these policies, and others draw a line under 21 years.

Another common condition is that all drivers have a clean driving licence for a certain length of time - one year could be the requirement.

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Insuring multiple vehicles

If you need to insure more than one van, you’ll need fleet insurance instead.

It can cover all of your vehicles, as well as your drivers, on one policy.

If you have a delivery business, however, you’ll need haulage or courier insurance to cover your vans or lorries.

How to keep costs down

There are a few ways to cut the cost of your any driver van insurance:

  • Only allow older or more experienced drivers to the van - if you have younger employees they might not be able to drive on your any driver policy or they could push up the cost of cover
  • Buy the smallest, lightest van that suits your needs. The bigger and heavier the van, the higher the premiums as it’ll be in a higher insurance group
  • Keep your van in a safe location. If it’s stored in a secure depot, your policy will be cheaper than if it’s parked outside an employee’s home

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