Haulage and courier van insurance

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What’s the right insurance for haulage and courier drivers?

All van drivers that carry goods for delivery need commercial van insurance.

Within commercial van insurance, there are three categories of cover, each suited to different types of delivery driving work:

  • Carriage of own goods
  • Carriage of goods for hire or reward
  • Haulage

The type of commercial van insurance you need depends on how you use your van and the type of goods it's carrying.

Types of commercial van insurance

Make sure you choose the right type of policy so you're covered for damage, theft and other losses.

Carriage of goods for hire or reward

Courier work is covered under ‘carriage of goods for hire or reward’.

Choose that cover if you usually make multiple deliveries during one journey, and if the deliveries of goods are within a localised area. For example, delivering catalogues or food.

Courier insurance is legally required if you use your van to carry goods that don’t belong to you in return for payment.

Haulage insurance

Haulage cover is for drivers who make long distance deliveries, usually to just one destination per job.

You can get policies that cover your travel in the UK or abroad. It’s the same type of cover used by larger delivery vehicles, such as HGVs.

If your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonnes, you'll need HGV insurance.

Carriage of own goods

This covers you for driving your own van for business purposes, whether you’re carrying your own tools or just commuting to your place of work.

Carriage of own goods is suitable if you’re a florist or electrician, for example, or even if you’re a teacher commuting to work.

Courier or haulage?

Each insurers will have its own definition, but it’s generally accepted that couriers do multiple drop-offs and haulers drive a long way for a single delivery.

Haulage and courier insurance aren’t interchangeable, as the risks are different.

While haulers trips are usually pre-planned and long, couriers will make lots of trips to built-up areas that aren’t pre-planned.

It’s important to get the right cover, or your insurer could reject a claim if you need to make one.

Insuring more than one van

Commercial van insurance covers one vehicle per policy, but there are specialist multi-vehicle or fleet policies out there

Goods in transit

Whichever policy you get, the goods and tools you’re transporting will need cover.

Companies will probably have insurance for any equipment or goods they own, but if you’re a freelancer or you transport your own goods, you’ll need to make sure that your van insurance has adequate cover levels for everything you're carrying.

There are usually exclusions on transporting extremely valuable goods, like fine art or jewellery, so check this before you buy.

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