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What’s modified van insurance?

If you make any changes to your van, you'll need to declare these modifications to your insurer.

You can get modified van insurance from standard insurer, but if you've made lots of changes specialist providers might be able to offer cheaper cover.

Modified van insurance can cover both private or commercial use.

Why do you need insurance for your van’s modifications?

If you don’t declare any alterations you've made on your van, you won’t be covered for any repairs or replacements for those parts.

That’s because your insurer wouldn’t have been aware that they were there and wouldn’t have included them in your policy.

Your insurer might ask for receipts or photos to get a better understanding of the cover you’ll need.

If your insurer thinks you’ve misled them or withheld information about your modifications to get a cheaper policy, they probably won’t honour any claim you need to make.

If you make a modification mid-way through your policy, tell your insurer immediately.

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What’s considered a modification?

A modification is anything that considerably changes how your van looks or drives.

You’ll need to let your insurer know about modifications like fitting internal racking, heavy-duty locks or a bulkhead.

Modifications also include safety features, like parking sensors, but these shouldn't make your policy more expensive.

Anything that changes the van from how it left the dealership should be declared to your insurer.

Van conversions and renovations


If you want to convert a van for driving holidays, or to use as a camper, you need to let your insurer know. Some changes are considered serious modifications insurers need to know about. Things like: 

  • Removing seats
  • Removing windows
  • Adding fitted kitchen items
  • Adding insulation
  • Adding power supplies
  • Storing gas canisters and portable generators

Read the terms of your insurance policy carefully. If it’s not suitable, you might need to consider specialist camper conversion insurance instead. 

Anything that changes the van from how it left the dealership should be declared to your insurer

Why do modifications affect the cost of van insurance?

If you change the engine’s power output, you’ll make the van faster and more powerful - that would push your premium up.

If you’re going to make the paintwork more eye-catching or add valuable accessories to your van, you’re making it more attractive to thieves, so that could increase the cost of your insurance too.

Your insurer will also take into account the value of the changes you’re making. If you fit an expensive set of wheels and tyres, you’re going to want the same ones fitted if the van needs to be repaired after an accident.

Your insurance will increase in line with this to cover the cost.

How to make mods and still get cheap van insurance

You can make changes to your van and still get cheap van insurance.

  1. Try a black box policy

    If you drive your van carefully, you could get cheaper premiums with a black box policy that tracks your driving skills.

  2. Keep your van secure

    Park your van in a locked garage and fit an alarm or immobiliser - especially if you have equipment stored inside.

  3. Reduce your mileage

    If you're using your van less, ask your insurer to reduce your mileage for cheaper premiums.

  4. Build up your no claims bonus

    See if you can cover the cost of any small incidents yourself to keep your NCB intact.

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