Multi-van insurance

Get quotes for all your vans and find out whether you could save money on multiple vehicle cover

What’s multi-van insurance?

Multi-van insurance offers the same cover as standard van insurance, but with all your vans covered by the same provider. 

It’s similar in some ways to fleet cover, which insures multiple vehicles and drivers under one policy. Fleet cover’s generally more useful for businesses while multi-van cover might be a better fit for individually named drivers and private use. 

The maximum number of vehicles you can insure under one policy varies between providers, but the benefits are largely the same – a single insurer to contact means less admin, and you could benefit from a multi-van discount.

Will a multi-van insurance policy be cheaper?

It can be, as insurers tend to offer a discount if you want to cover more than one van.

But while multi-van policies might be easier to manage, don’t just assume they’ll be the cheapest. It’s a good idea to compare quotes for each of your vans individually as well, as you might get a better deal by covering them with separate policies and providers.

Can anyone drive on a multi van insurance?

Probably not, but check your policy.

Instead, you’ll probably need a fleet insurance policy with any-driver cover. Even then, the policy might have some restrictions, like all drivers being over the age of 25.

Fleet insurance allows all your employees to drive any of your fleet’s vehicles, so they don’t have to wait for a certain one to become available. 

Make sure you check the policy wording to find out who can drive which vehicles. 

Compare van insurance

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How does the driver affect the cost of multi-van premiums?

Some multi-van insurance is just several policies with the same provider. But for others, all vans are placed on a single policy.

That means that the circumstances of just one of the drivers can affect the price for other drivers on the policy.

  • Age of the driversyounger van drivers will usually have less driving experience than someone older. Plus, there might be less choice of policies for drivers under 21, which means less competitive pricing
  • Convictions – insurers will view you as riskier to insure if you have a motoring conviction
  • No-claims discount – you can get a discount depending on the number of years you’ve gone without claiming on your van insurance. With some multi-van policies an accident in one of the vans can affect the no-claims discount on all the insured vehicles
  • The number of drivers on the policy – if you want to have additional drivers or any driver cover, this will cost more than insuring a sole driver 

How does the van affect the cost of multi-van insurance?

The make and model of each of your vans will influence the overall cost of your multi-van insurance.

Vans are put into insurance groups depending on their engine size, safety features and value. The higher the group, the more expensive your premiums will be. 

It’s worth comparing individual cover with multi-van cover if you own several different makes and models, to see which works out cheapest. 

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