Over 50s van insurance

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Over 50s van insurance

If you’re a van driver over 50, insurers see you as less risky to insure. You’re likely to have more motoring experience under your belt and older drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in accidents.

The opposite is true if you’re a young driver with less driving experience – which is why young van driver insurance is so expensive.

Does age affect the cost of van insurance?

Insurers take lots of risk factors into account when working out your premiums, and your age is one of them.

Over 50s generally pay lower premiums for both car and van insurance than younger drivers. But where you live, your motoring experience, claims history and the van you drive all play a part too.

The best way to find out how much your van insurance will cost is to compare quotes.

So, does van insurance get cheaper when I turn 50?


Yes, usually, but there are other factors that influence the cost too.

How much does over 50s van insurance cost?

Van drivers aged 50-65 pay £304 on average for comprehensive van insurance.

We found that van insurance gets cheaper with age. The over 50s pay less than younger age groups, but comprehensive cover was cheaper again for drivers over 65, who paid £269 on average.

Experience counts for a lot with van insurers, who recognise that the more years you have behind the wheel of these larger vehicles, the less risk you're likely to be.

These are just averages – compare quotes to find out exactly how much your own van insurance will cost.

*Average cost of comprehensive van insurance policies purchased through GoCompare in January 2022, split by age.

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How to find the right van insurance when you’re over 50

You’ll need to consider the level of cover you need – comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party only. 

There are four main types of use to choose from. You’ll also need to know whether you need private van insurance or one of the three types of commercial cover.  

That depends on what you’re going to be using your van for:

  • Private – this is for social use only. So popping to the shops or visiting family. Commuting isn’t covered. 
  • Carriage of own goods – covers social use, plus commuting and any of your own tools or goods you carry in your van, as long as you’ve told the insurer about them.
  • Courier – also called ‘carriage of goods for hire and reward’. It’s the right option for you if you make multiple deliveries in a local area. Private use is covered too.
  • Haulage – this is for you if you’re delivering goods long-distance to a single destination. Like with the other options, social use is included. 

If you’re over 50 and looking for van insurance, you could have more choice of quotes when you compare than younger drivers as you’re less of a risk. That means you're likely to be able to find cheaper cover.

How to get van insurance quotes when you’re over 50

As well deciding on the type of use and level of cover you need, you’ll need to give some more information to get cheap quotes:

  1. Your details

    We've mentioned how your age has an impact on the price, but so does where you live and the job you do.

  2. Information on your van

    Your van’s age matters too, so you’ll need to tell insurers its registration number, plus the make, model, mileage, any modifications it’s had and its estimated value.

  3. Your driving record

    If you’re over 50 and learnt to drive a few decades ago, you’ll have considerable driving experience. That means your insurance will be cheaper and having a decent no-claims history will also work in your favour.

What are the basic cover levels of van insurance?

There are three cover levels of van insurance for over 50s:

Third party only (TPO)

The most basic level you legally need. TPO covers injuries or damage to third parties and their vehicles. But you’ll have to cover the cost yourself if your van’s damaged or stolen.

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT)

TPFT includes third party insurance, plus cover for your van if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.


Fully comp covers everything that TPFT does, as well as compensating you for losses and damage if you’re involved in a motoring accident, even if you’re found to be at fault.

How do I get my over 50s van insurance cheaper?

As you’re over 50, you’re probably already paying less than younger van drivers. But here are five more ways to cut the cost: 

  1. Increase van security

    Park your van somewhere safe, off the street if you can, and consider an alarm, tracker and immobiliser

  2. No claims discount

    The longer you go without claiming, the bigger the discount you get on the cost of your cover

  3. Pay annually

    It's cheaper to pay for your insurance in one go, as you’ll be charged extra for monthly repayments

  4. Telematics

    The cost of your insurance depends on how well you drive, which means you could pay less if you’re careful. But these policies are designed for young drivers, so they might be more expensive for your age group than a standard policy. Make sure you compare telematics policies with non-telematics ones

  5. Compare cover

    The best way to save is to compare insurers and cover features, to find the right policy for a great price

Should you use a specialist over 50s provider for your van insurance?

That’s up to you. Most mainstream providers offer great deals for over 50s van drivers. 

Some policies might have an upper age limit, but it’s generally a lot older than 50. When we checked 70 goods carrying vehicle policies listed on Defaqto, the youngest max age limit was 65 and 25% had no upper age limit for proposers.[1]

Some specialist over 50s policies might have certain extras offered as standard, such as courtesy cars, emergency driver cover or unlimited European cover. 

[1]Last checked 27 February 2023