Young driver van insurance

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Can I get van insurance as a young driver?

Yes, although young drivers’ van insurance is more expensive than for those with more experience.

Young drivers are typically classed by insurers as those under the age of 25.

You legally need to insure your van before you drive it on the road, but you’ll still want to keep costs down if you can. 

How old do you have to be to get van insurance?


It’s possible to get van insurance for drivers as young as 17, but some insurers have higher minimum age limits.

Only 25% of 77 comprehensive goods-carrying vehicle policies on Defaqto would cover a driver from age 17. The minimum driver age was 21 on 40% of policies.[1]

The younger you are, the fewer insurers you’ll have to choose from – and less choice can push the price up.

young driver van insurance

How much does van insurance cost for young drivers?

Van insurance is typically more expensive the younger you are. 

For 17-20-year-olds, the average annual cost of comprehensive van insurance was £1,672. For 21-25-year-olds it was £790 – that’s 53% cheaper.*

As you build up experience and a no-claims bonus over the years, your van insurance premiums should get more affordable.

*Average cost of comprehensive van insurance policies purchased through GoCompare in January 2022, split by age.

young driver van insurance

Why is insurance so expensive for young drivers? 

You’re  statistically more likely to be involved in a road accident when you’re young, so insurers charge more to cover that risk. 

Insurers also recognise that vans can be large, heavy and awkward to drive – so they prefer to cover drivers with more experience. They recognise that larger vehicles have the potential to cause more damage in an accident and will price policies accordingly.

So if you’re aged between 17 and 24 and looking for van insurance, you’ll need to shop around to make sure you get the best deal possible.   

How can young drivers lower the cost of their van insurance?

Here are a few things you can do to make your van insurance cheaper:

  1. Buy a van in a low insurance group

    If you haven't chosen your van yet, vehicles in lower insurance groups are regarded by insurers as less risky to insure, which can help reduce the cost of your insurance.

  2. Avoid modifications

    Altering your van, especially if it’s to improve performance, will lead to even higher premiums for young drivers.

  3. Stay secure

    Some insurers will give you a discount for having security devices, like an alarm, immobiliser or tracker.

  4. Buy only what you need

    Think about the level of cover you need and whether you want additional features, such as breakdown cover. 

  5. Extend your excess

    Increasing the amount of voluntary excess you’d pay if you made a claim can reduce the cost of your van insurance – but only do this if you can afford to pay it.

  6. Add another driver

    Adding a more experienced driver to your policy can reduce the cost. Just don’t pretend that they’re the main driver instead of you – this is called fronting and it’s illegal.

  7. Telematics policies

    A black box can be fitted to your van to monitor your driving. Your premiums are based on how well you drive, which could save you money.

  8. Compare

    Look at policies from different insurers and compare features to find the right van insurance for the right price. 

What’s the cheapest van to insure for young drivers?

The cheapest vans to insure for young drivers will have a small engine, be in a low insurance group and not have any modifications. 

Is there anything else that I need to know about getting van insurance?

You should consider whether you need any optional extras, like legal cover or a courtesy van.

Optional extras can really add to the cost of your policy, so don’t pay for things you don’t need or that you could buy cheaper separately.

Breakdown cover is a good example – it’s often cheaper to buy it on its own than bundled with your van insurance. 

When comparing van insurance, don’t just go for the lowest premium. It’s just as important to check a policy has the right cover features and what exclusions there are. 

Make sure all the details you provide are correct too. Your cover could be invalidated if you needed to claim but you gave the wrong information to the insurer. 

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[1]Last checked 17 February 2022